SPEED-Xä – combining Speed and quality without compromise

Taking innovation in foodservice equipment to an entirely new level, the new Unox SPEED-Xä is the world’s first self-washing combi speed oven

Bringing together ground-breaking technology and state-of-the-art manufacturing capability, SPEED-Xä delivers the optimum combination of quality and speed to achieve almost unimaginable performance and exacting results without compromise. Offering a complete new digital experience, including premium remote support through the smart Digital.IDä control panel, and fitted with an intelligent integrated wash system, the SPEED-Xä is simple and easy to operate.

A capacity of 10GN 2/3 trays with a 35mm pitch or 5 GN 2/3 trays with a 70mm pitch in combi mode and a dedicated SPEED.Plate tray which performs up to four accelerated cooking processes simultaneously in speed mode delivers flexibility for busy footfall sites. Advanced technology developed by Unox helps to accomplish cooking with the speed of air, the finesse of steam and the power of microwaves, in one single appliance for the first time – something Unox term HYPER.Speed.

Operators no longer need to worry about endless hours spent cleaning thanks to the first automatic washing technology in a speed oven. Featuring a ROTAR.Klean automatic washing system integrated with a 1L capacity DET&Rinseä tank and RO.Care water filtering system, SPEED-Xä guarantees up to 2000L of filtered water. That’s not all, smart sensors within the oven are able to accurately detect the level of cleaning required, avoiding wasted energy and time in the process!

Pushing boundaries of manufacturing and technology, SPEED-Xä is bringing future connectivity to modern day kitchens with Digital.IDä - the most advanced operating system ever installed on an oven. A super-fast, intuitive interface powered by artificial intelligence enables the operator to quickly control the ovens functions. Accessible from any device, wherever and whenever through the Digital.IDä App, operators can import, export and customise recipes as well as have real-time control over their ovens. Individual operator profiles enable the oven to memorise cooking programmes and even customise each chef’s home page with tailor-made widgets and picture led icons to suit their style, syncing directly from the app. This enables an operator to log onto any SPEED-X oven, anywhere in the world and instantly have access to their recipes and menu choices.

The most ground-breaking element to the Digital.IDä platform is the optional remote digital training. With the purchase of any Digital.IDä oven, operators receive a free premium base training pack, giving them all the information needed to get the most from their oven.

“SPEED-Xä is set to be one of the most revolutionary catering equipment product launches of the year. For the first time ever, operators no longer need to choose between the functionality of a combi oven and the speed of a rapid cook oven. Packed with intuitive, smart technology and fully connected via the cloud, SPEED-X is set to transform the way a professional kitchen operates. Built in automatic wash systems and easy to use digital controls maintain efficiency, while the unique design eliminates the need for multiple appliances, freeing up valuable kitchen or front-of-house space in modern foodservice and retail establishments.”

Scott Duncan, Managing Director at Unox UK

At a premium subscription, Unox has also launched Digital Cooking Concierge, a service that allows Unox’s Corporate Chef team to give personalised advice and menu development support directly through the screen on SPEED-Xä. Using a built-in microphone, operators can contact their Unox chef, who will then guide them through the process, even controlling the oven remotely where required. This digital capability also allows for remote technical support and voice activated control of the oven when in a kitchen.

For more information on SPEED-Xä or to find out about the wider Unox equipment portfolio, please visit www.unox.com or call +44 (0)1252 851 522.

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