Wexiödisk reveal a triple figure tree planting donation post HRC

As part of their 50th business anniversary, Swedish warewashing manufacturer Wexiödisk recently pledged to plant 1 tree per stand visitor at Hotel, Restaurant & Catering (HRC) 2022 in addition to their pledge to donate 50 trees each month in 2022… Now that the visitor numbers and donation cards have been counted, Wexiödisk are delighted to reveal that 187 visitors joined them on stand this year : a fantastic number which the brand have rounded up to a donation of 200 trees as David Glover, Country Manager for Wexiödisk UK & Ireland, elates.

“To have such a great number of stand visitors means more this year than ever before due to our donation pledge; in fact, the stand visitors themselves were delighted to learn that by visiting our stand, they were in turn donating a tree as symbolised by the donation box on stand.”

These trees will be planted via One Tree Planted* whose projects span the globe and are done in partnership with local communities who need reforestation the most.

Cassandra Vitiello, Customer Service Manager at One Tree Planted was delighted when Wexiödisk got in touch to arrange this donation, saying:

“One Tree Planted appreciates Wexiodisk’s contribution towards our reforestation efforts. Our work is only possible thanks to the generosity of our donors.”

sustainability has, and always will be a part of our company DNA.”

Originating from Sweden, Wexiödisk’s company ethos is intrinsically linked to the wider environment and this filters down through everything they do. Driven by a mission to change long-engrained perceptions that warewashers are vast consumers of energy and water, Wexiödisk has proudly taken a leading role in changing this assumption by developing highly efficient, sustainable commercial warewashing solutions for the benefit of operators, and of course, nature itself.

To find out more about Wexiödisk and their company history please visit https://wexiodisk.com/en

If you’re interested in becoming a dealer for Wexiödisk, please contact david.glover@wexiödisk.com

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