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Final copy  31st January

Published  10th February

Features  Seafish Awards, Kebabs, Sausages and Burgers,  



Final copy  18th March

Published  1st April

Features  Seafish Awards,, Oils and Fats, Light equipment, Grills and Salamanders, Home Delivery



Final Copy 14th May

Published 1st June 

Features  Chips and Potatoes, Chicken, Ice Cream, Frying Ranges, Rumblers and Chippers



Final copy 15th July

Published 3rd August

Features  Fish and Seafood, Hot and Cold Drinks, Flour, Batters and Breadings, Menus and Branding



Final copy 16th September

Published 5th October

Features  Sweet and Savoury Pies and Pastries, EPOS and Digital, Refrigeration, Ovens


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December/January 2020

Final copy 18th November

Published 1st December

Features  Pizza and Pasta, Finance and Insurance, Franchising, Breads,  Storage


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