ICA Responds to Camden’s Ice Cream Van Ban

The Ice Cream Alliance (ICA) - the UK’s ice cream sector trade association - is launching a campaign to ask that Local Authorities provide sufficient electricity points at suitable busy areas so that ice cream vans can plug in and trade with their engines off. It will also be requesting that sufficient consultation takes place with the industry (and other interested parties) if anti-pollution policies lead to restrictions for ice cream vans legally plying their trade.

The campaign is in response to recent media reports that Camden Council in London was introducing a ban on ice cream van trading in 40 of its streets. In fact, this ban had been in place in some streets since 1997. It was also reported that other councils were considering similar measures.

“The media furore clouded the facts about what Camden had actually done,” commented ICA CEO Zelica Carr. “Camden Council had said it was putting up signage about the ban in the 40 streets in question – a tiny proportion of the total number of streets in the Borough. Camden is also launching a consultation process about setting up trading zones where ice cream vans can operate. We are asking that the ICA be part of that consultation process.”

The campaign will support ice cream van members of the ICA by writing to their Local Authorities and MPs pointing out the benefits of providing sufficient electricity points – and help ice cream van traders to lobby local politicians and relevant bodies directly themselves.

“In a recent poll about happiest childhood memories, the sound of ice cream van chimes was rated number four – after Christmas Dinner, going to the beach and visiting gran’s house,” Carr added. “It would be tragic if perfectly laudable policies to cut vehicle emissions caused the disappearance of ice cream vans from our towns for the want of some joined-up thinking – and enough electricity points.”

The ICA has a successful track record on campaigning. In 2014 it fought the governments restrictions on ice cream van chimes and had the policy in England amended including sounding chimes for 12 seconds (rather than four) and allowing them to sound when stationary.

For more information visit www.ice-cream.org, telephone 01332 203333

or email Jordan@ice-cream.org

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