New Frozen At Sea Fillets Association (Fasfa) Executive Director, Malcolm Large, Lays Out His Futur

LONDON, UK: Malcolm Large, new Executive Director of the Frozen At Sea Fillets Association (FASFA), has laid out the key areas of focus for the organisation over the coming months, following the retirement of former Executive Director, John Rutherford.

Malcolm, who has decades of experience in the commercial seafood sector, joins FASFA from his previous role of Head of International Trade and Regions at Seafish. Since taking the helm of the organisation in February, Malcolm has already led the organisation in refuting misleading claims in the media around Brexit and its potential impacts on the fish and chip supply chain.

Malcolm is no stranger to the fish and chip industry, having managed Seafish’s National Fish and Chip Shop of the Year competition for many years. His new role means that he is ideally placed to make sure FASFA and its members play a key part in the fish and chip industry’s future direction and success.

Malcolm Large, Executive Director of FASFA said:

“My passion for the industry and the importance of our Frozen At Sea supply chains is rooted in the three pillars of sustainability, traceability and quality, which are at the heart of FASFA’s vision and focus for the future. I look forward to building on the fantastic work delivered by John as we work with our members to ensure fish and chip lovers throughout the UK can access the highest quality fillets from well-managed and sustainable sources all year round.”

FASFA represents catchers and Frozen At Sea Fillet (FAS) suppliers from the major fishing nations in Northern Europe including, the UK Russia, Norway, Iceland and the Faroes. As well as his intention to drive the agenda around responsible sourcing, quality and the environmental benefits of supplying and serving FAS fillets, Malcolm has also outlined the role FASFA plays in supporting the UK’s fish and chip industry in the media and consumer consciousness.

Malcolm continued:

“The fish and chip industry can occasionally take a battering from negative headlines in the press and I suspect we will see more of this in the run-up to Brexit. It’s incredibly important to challenge any misleading facts surrounding the fish and chip industry and its supply chain by providing media with the relevant facts and figures on the sector. Fish and chip fans will always be able to enjoy the nation’s favourite dish as part of a healthy diet.”

FASFA will be supporting this year’s National Fish and Chip Day organised by NEODA and taking place on June 7. For more information on FASFA and its members, please visit www.fasfa,

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