Natasha’s Law: How to Ensure Compliant Labelling for Your Food and Drink Products

Labelling & packaging experts Planglow have a fully compliant

solution for the proposed new labelling laws

The government has announced that new food labelling legislation - Natasha’s Law - will come into full effect by the summer of 2021. The legislation is calling for all prepacked food and drink products to carry full ingredients labelling by the summer of 2021, to help better safeguard food allergy sufferers. If - like many operators - you are concerned what this means for your business, labelling and plant-based packaging experts Planglow have the solution: LabelLogic Live - an award winning subscription based app for creating and printing fully compliant nutritional labelling for food and drink products.

Planglow’s marketing director, Rachael Sawtell commented, “LabelLogic Live is, in a nutshell, a really quick and easy way to create food labelling online (with as much or as little information as you require) and then print using your existing desktop printer or roll printer. You can access the app any time, any place on any of your web connected devices (phone, laptop, Mac, PC, tablet – even a smart TV), no specialist equipment is required”.

LabelLogic Live is designed to be as quick and simple to use as possible and offers users complete control over the allergen information they wish to provide on pack, subscription based, the app is available from £10 per month. It offers considerable time saving benefits too - inputting 30 products takes the average user around 1 - 2 hours and once these products have been added, they will not have to be entered again. What’s more, if a subscriber has an existing list of products or ingredients stored in Excel or another programme, this can be imported straight in. Currently, LabelLogic Live can be linked with Starchef and Saffron though Planglow are more than happy to investigate other software options on behalf of its customers.

Sawtell commented, “LabelLogic Live is cloud-based - which essentially means everything is done online - so it’s very simple to access and once subscribers are given a login (which normally takes 24 hours to set up) they’re in, no third party set up required. Subscribers can then access LabelLogic Live wherever and whenever they’ve an internet connection and because everything is stored online, this enables us to update the software instantly in line with any legislative changes that may come”.

While very simple to use, LabelLogic Live comes with plenty of free support should a subscriber find they need help along the way. Planglow’s team of regional account managers can assist a new subscriber in setting up new products. Likewise the company’s support team are available over the phone, through a live chat function on the LabelLogic Live website and can even access a user’s computer remotely to make changes on their behalf. Planglow have also created a wide variety of tutorials which are available online, simply visit Planglow’s YouTube channel to view.

For further information regarding Natasha’s Law, labels, food labelling software or any of Planglow’s products or services, please visit

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