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Refrigerated appliances are vital within any professional kitchen, providing the means to

store and preserve everything from fresh meat, dairy and sauces back of house, to chilling beverages front of house

However, one common constraint for many fast food outlets is available space. As such, many operators now require units that combine efficiency and versatility with a design that optimises space. It was for this very reason that Gram launched the new Compact range: a series of professional refrigeration appliances perfectly suited for restricted spaces.

Designed to fit where other cabinets are either too small or too big, units within this range have varying heights and widths, each designed to suit the bespoke needs of a busy fast food venue.

Featuring the very latest technology, the Gram Compact range is setting new standards for compact fridges and freezers around the world thanks to its excellent energy efficiency standards, outstanding build quality and an unparalleled reliability.

For fast food outlets looking for a chilled cabinet to display drinks front of house, then Hoshizaki’s Gram Eco Midi proves ideal. Combining stylish design with high functionality, Eco Midi display cabinets not only enhance the appearance of a fast food venue, as well as items on display, but these units also prove to be exceptionally robust and easy to clean. The control panel, which is cleverly concealed to protect against splashing water, also allows operators to easily adjust aspects such as temperature and lighting. This means that operators are able to tailor the temperatures of their Eco Midi units to the specific items they are displaying, whether this be soft drinks, sandwiches or snacks.

Available in a range of sizes, Hoshizaki’s ECO Midi cabinets allow fast food operators of all sizes the chance to revitalise their front of house display section.”

For more information on the Gram range or to find out about the other appliances in the Hoshizaki portfolio, please visit www.hoshizaki-europe.com or call 01322 616 900.

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