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Premium soft serve ice cream is a perennial favourite and thanks to the latest technologicalinnovations from Carpigiani, it can now be served from a compact, space efficient machine.Offering customers a mouth-watering selection of freshly-produced ice cream is a great wayto diversify an existing offering. Freshly produced ice cream commands an excellent profitmargin, and can really help to grow an operators’ revenue and maximise profits through impulse sales.

Quality, consistency and flavour profile are as crucial as price. From the quality of theingredients and mix, or the versatility and reliability of the equipment, to the design of amenu, fast food operators should ensure their ice cream offering is able to generate sales andrepeat business from customers.

The Carpigiani 161 series of soft serve models is the perfect choice for fast food cafes andrestaurants or even take away operators where space is at a premium. Offering a realbreakthrough in soft serve ice cream technology, the 161 combines state-of the arttechnology with features usually reserved for larger, floor standing models, including a selfpasteurisingmodel. What’s more, the unique design of the 161 range means a footprint ofjust 300mm x 630mm x 850 mm (w/d/h) – perfect if space is at a premium.

The new 161 range uses cooled technology, generating flow through a removable air filter atthe base of the unit, channelling hot air exiting at the top. This not only improves efficiency,but also allows the unit to be positioned directly next to another appliance, for even greaterspace efficiency on a limited countertop.

A contemporary stainless-steel counter top design, complete with multifunctional display,standard 13-amp plug-and-go operation (never before available for a self-pasteurising model)and the ability to be connected to Carpigiani’s wireless Teorema software (for remotemonitoring and diagnostics), this is an easy to use appliance that has an impressive hourlyoutput of up to 15kg. As with the other models in the soft serve range, the new Carpigiani161 is fitted with a unique tank agitator to ensure an exceptional product consistency, whilealso allowing fast food operators to serve frozen yoghurt without risking a separation of themix.

As a global leader in the manufacture of gelato and ice cream equipment, Carpigiani iscommitted to providing equipment using the latest technology to help customers to producethe highest quality freshly made ice cream. All Carpigiani machines can be set up to createfat free, dairy free, sorbets, using soy, coconut, rice, oat or almond milk as preferred, withmany types of oil or nut being suitable to add fat to recipes, ensuring a well-balanced dessertwith a perfect, smooth consistency.

For more information on the Carpigiani Gelato University, Carpigiani equipment range or anyof the other products supplied by the company, please visit or call01432 346 018.

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