Mccain Enters the UK Delivery Market with Launch of Surecrisp Brand

McCain Foodservice Solutions is set to launch its latest global brand, SureCrisp™, next month to tapinto the growing UK delivery and takeaway market, whilst also improving on-premise experience.

With delivery and collection accounting for 24% of out of home visits, the new range of restaurantquality fries that stand up to delivery, will enable operators to succeed in an increasingly competitiveenvironment, helping to improve consistency, food quality and customer loyalty.

Following research into the occasion, McCain discovered an opportunity for operators to improvetheir delivery offering, with 82% of consumers admitting they have experienced soggy, cold or poorqualityfries via delivery. What’s more, 65% of consumers said that a bad chip will negatively affecttheir overall view of an operator, making them less likely to order again.

Offering fries that stay crispy for up to 20 minutes, during delivery or on-premise, the McCainSureCrisp™range consists of eight products for hospitality operators, including Skin-On JulienneFries, Gourmet Chunky Chips and Traditional Thick.

Ahead of the highly anticipated launch, Megan Cornelius, Product Manager, McCainFoodservice Solutions commented: “Delivery is changing the foodservice landscape and it’sbecoming ever-more competitive for hospitality operators. With new delivery and takeawayconcepts popping up almost daily across the UK, there has been an increasing focus on quality offood served, particularly fries.

“It is well versed that fries do not fare well during delivery, often arriving soggy and cold; McCainSureCrisp™ has been designed with this in mind, helping to combat the current negative perceptionwith the introduction of a restaurant quality fry suitable for delivery. Through our new range, we areenabling operators to win in the delivery opportunity, as well as raise their on-premise game andenhance customer satisfaction.”

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