Triple Heat - at the Double

“For caterers looking to quite literally satisfy fast food demand, then sourcing a quality high-speed oven, such as the Merrychef eikon® e2s, should be top priority. Able to cook high quality meals and snacks at incredible speed, high speed ovens allow operators to turn over a high volume of food orders, in a short space of time, to a consistently high-quality standard. From delicious pizzas in 50 seconds, tasty chicken wings in 60 seconds and perfectly crisp French fries in a matter of minutes, the Merrychef eikon® e2s opens up a world of menu opportunities, fast, thanks to its unique combination of three heat technologies (tuned impingement, microwave, convection).

In order to encourage ultimate speed of service, the e2s can be programmed with bespoke menu options. This allows staff to simply put a product into the oven, and select the correct menu item via the e2’s pioneering easyTouch® control panel. Minutes, or even seconds later with some foods, the item is ready, perfectly cooked, and ready for serving.

However, it’s not just the quality, speed or technology of the machine that is of utmost importance when choosing an oven, but the size of unit too; particularly for fast food venues that are working within restricted front and back of house spaces. The Merrychef eikon® e2s once again reigns supreme in this instance thanks to its ultra-sleek sleek 620mm x 356mm x 595mm body which not only perfectly fits onto a standard 600mm deep work surface, but boasts best-in-class cavity to footprint ratio (12” cavity in a 14” footprint).

As well as space concerns being diminished, issues surrounding smoke or grease are also significantly reduced with the e2s thanks to a built-in catalytic convertor which comes in either 13 amp or 32 amp versions. The e2’s also features a patented cooling system which keeps all exterior walls cool-to-touch meaning staff can safely touch and clean the exterior of their e2s, even when the unit is in operation.”

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