CVap® 7-Series is number one at the Product Excellence Awards

The Winston CVap® 7-Series Cook & Hold cabinet has scooped the top prize in the Ancillary Cooking Equipment category at The Caterer Product Excellence Awards.

The judges were keen to praise the flexibility offered by the CVap 7-Series, commenting that: “This year’s winner is a piece of kit using technology that can prove, roast, bake, poach and braise to hold the product for perfect presentation.”

Michael Eyre, Culinary Director at Jestic Foodservice Equipment said: “We are absolutely delighted that the Winston CVap® 7-Series has won a prestigious Product Excellence Award. Globally the CVap® 7-Series is proving very popular with a wide variety of operators including fine dining restaurants, hotels and QSR chains, as it gives chefs precise control over a food’s temperature, moisture and texture. The unique CVap® technology offers tremendous versatility, helps to improve speed of service, whilst decreasing wastage and provides a significant increase in yields.”

CVap®, stands for ‘Controlled Vapour’ which produces a vapour laden environment with the exact amount of moisture needed to prevent even the most delicate of ingredients from drying out or overcooking. Once the food reaches the desired state of cooking, the CVap® technology automatically switches to a ‘hold cycle’ meaning ingredients can be held at the perfect condition until they are ready to be served.

The CVap® 7-Series has the versatility to roast, braise, poach, or low temperature steam and can also be used in sous-vide mode for increased precision. The CVap® technology allows the user to safely cook high risk meat products like the ‘pink burger’ before holding them in accordance with the FSA 6-log 10 cook times and temperatures.

The new CVap® 7-Series Cook & Hold cabinets include a number of technological enhancements giving the user even greater control. A smart new digital control panel is simple and straightforward to use and features capacitive-touch controls with HACCP (hazard analysis and critical control points) data download capability for temperature monitoring.

The touch-sensitive user interface comes with eight programmable channels, complete with USB connectivity for updates and menu development, especially useful for chains and groups looking to maintain consistency across an entire estate. The CVap® 7-Series also features near-field communication (NFC) allowing the user to set the cook cycle via a smart phone with the new CVap programming app. Operators can even plug their phone in to the audio port to play music through the 7-Series.

The CVap® 7-Series is available in three configurations. The countertop model can fit on a standard countertop thanks to its shallow 672m depth. It can also be fitted with 1” wheels for under counter use. The half-sized models are stackable for increased versatility, whilst the full-sized models offer maximum capacity for high volume operators.

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