Portuguese flame-grilled Piri-Piri chicken hits multi billion pound industry in the UK – why not joi

When the Portuguese landed in Mozambique they discovered the malagueta pepper and so they brought some of those chilies, and the recipes, back to Portugal with them and even brought the chili to other parts of the world, including India.

In an ever-changing market on the high street, and growing trends such as vegan and plant-based foods, chicken is still 83 % of the meat consumed in the UK.

Lip Licking Ingredients, part of the FFS brands Group, a Creation of Arthur Withers in the 1970’s, have specialised in the creation and development of unique tastes in the fast casual and quick service industry for more than 50 years, including the well-known Southern Fried Chicken and the Grilled Piri Piri Chicken, a healthy non-fried alternative.

I joined my father’s business in the 1980’s and over the 40 years in the company I have tried many chicken brands, and none have the full flavour of our chicken, often lacking taste all the way through, and sometimes dry as it has not been cooked or held correctly. When I saw my father work with Nando’s in planning and designing the kitchen layout for the first location in Ealing in 1992, I never imagined what a huge success it would become.

Our Company developed a 3-step process that enables the marinade to be absorbed right through to the bone.

The three important steps to get the best tasting Piri Piri are using Piri Piri marinade, soak for a minimum of 4 hours, then steam your chicken for 18 minutes in a combination oven; second stage use our range of bastings to add flavor and chili heat to the chicken whilst on the grill. Finishing sauce for a customer choice of Lemon and Herb, Mango and Lime, Mild or even Hot Piri Piri.

Our Range of ingredients are Halal and do not contain genetic modified ingredients.

We are offering complimentary training days at our test kitchen in Reading where we will show you how to produce the best tasting chicken with our unique recipes.

As a part of our service we also offer a full kitchen planning service to not only show you how to use our ingredients, but show you what equipment you will need and the best ergonomic use of the kitchen.

In another part of our company we produce our own unique range of cooking and holding equipment called Vizu, specifically for our industry.

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