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Welbilt helps independent operators expand their hot food options with the launch of Merrychef eikon® e1s

Guildford, UK – January 2020 – Welbilt UK is set to help independent operators expand their hot food menus with ease thanks to the nation-wide roll out of the Merrychef eikon® e1s – a compact ‘all-in-one’ cooking solution which enables independent operators to easily adapt to changing customer and business needs, along with evolving menus and hot food trends.

Filling the gap in the market for an entry-level high-speed oven, the eikon® e1s, opens up a world of new menu opportunities thanks to its combination of three heat technologies: convection, tuned impingement and microwave which allows for cooking times up to 10x faster than conventional ovens as Steve Hemsil, Sales Director - UK & Ireland, Welbilt, enthuses:

“Whether it’s a bagel cooked in 30 seconds, a chicken panini in 50 seconds or a pizza in 140 seconds, the new Merrychef eikon® e1s is the ideal way for independent operators to cook, reheat, toast and bake a wide range of fresh or frozen food items to expand menus at the touch of a button.”

Featuring easyTouch® technology with an icon driven touch screen, the Merrychef eikon® e1s is extremely simple to operate, allowing staff of any skill level to produce professional food results without the need for excessive training; overcoming any language barriers, limiting operating errors and potential food wastage. Arriving with pre-programmed menus ranging from paninis, French Fries, pastries and more, the Merrychef eikon® e1s allows operators to cook a wide variety of popular menu items at the touch of an icon.

Enclosed within a small footprint (500mm counter-top depth and 400mm wide), the Merrychef eikon® e1s features a sleek and modern black exterior, with soft edge design, making it perfect for front-of-house locations. A standby noise level of just 52dBA, means that it is unobtrusive in your environment, whilst low power consumption using less than 0.7 kwh makes it highly efficient from an energy perspective as well.

A truly ‘plug and play’ easy to install cooking solution, the Merrychef eikon® e1s can be used with a standard domestic 3-pin plug. In addition, no water connection, drain or hood is required and the unit has a built-in catalytic converter for fully ventless cooking. Thanks to a ‘cool to the touch’ exterior it can be situated in a tight gap without the need for additional space on the sides or back of the unit.

For more information about the new Merrychef eikon® e1s or other models in the Merrychef portfolio, please visit or call 01483 464900.

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