Make takeaway a top treat with Lamb Weston fries!

Adapt to survive – that’s certainly the way forward for the foodservice sector right now while the Covid-19 crisis turns businesses upside down. Food lovers are missing eating out and operators are keen to fill the gap with takeaway and home delivery.

Consumers’ expectations of and demand for tasty food has no waned so now, more than ever, it’s important to get the offer right with takeaway and you can explore Lamb Weston’s vast, exciting range of quality fries and potato products to enhance your menu.

Even in ‘normal’ times, chips, wedges and fries make up 60% of potato servings out of home, accounting for the lion’s share of both value and volume. Most are sold through fast food outlets and pub restaurants. [ADHB UK FoodServiceReview nov 2019]

Everyone loves fries. The problem for takeaway and home delivery is that fries don’t always travel well. However crisp, golden and delicious they might be when cooked, they reach their destination cold and soggy – and no fries lover is going to be happy with that.

That’s why Lamb Weston developed exciting unique new concept Hot2Home™ Fries – currently shaking up the fries home delivery and takeaway market.

Hot2Home keeps fries hot and crispy for an amazing 20 minutes and has wowed the industry, scooping a Silver Award for Foodservice Best New Ingredient, Component or Accompaniment Product in the British Frozen Food Federation’s (BFFF) Product Awards last year.

The Hot2Home concept works in a winning combination of two parts: newly developed fries with a special ultra-thin starch coating (a closely-kept secret recipe!) to ensure they stay crispy and flavourful longer – plus a patented packaging that works with the fries coating to stay hot and crispy for 20 minutes.

A Skin-On version is available too, with that delicious extra potatoey taste that will keep all fries lovers satisfied. Available in two cut sizes 6x6mm and 9x9mm, Skin-On comes in 9x9. Like all Hot2Home products, these new fries are available as a single product for dining in or as part of the revolutionary one-fry solution for home delivery and takeaway with the patented package.

A right royal treat with DUKES

For the traditional chip lover, the most important attributes of a chip are; crispiness outside, cut size (thick), fluffiness inside, a hand-cut appearance, decent portion size and served up hot.*

Bring on The DUKES! Introducing The Dukes of Chippingdom – proper British chips. Distinctively natural, gloriously golden, royally rustic thick-cut chips – made from 100% British potatoes.

Billed as the perfect pub chip, The DUKES will instantly add recognisable class and quality to any fast food or QSR operation too!

Available in Skin-Off and Skin-On, The DUKES have already earned their place in the Craft Guild of Chefs’ highly esteemed Product Endorsement gallery, with an above average rating. They are Red Tractor certified, gluten free and come in 2.5kg bags. So, make way for the proper British chip. DUKES – like no ordinary chips, are the ultimate quintessentially British menu item with a proud and distinguished British heritage. Remarkably reliable, fabulously fry-able, marvellously moreish and British through and through. With chips this tantalisingly tasty, one can see why the British started queuing!

Secret weapon!

For super crunchy fries that will fire up your profits, opt for Lamb Weston Stealth Fries®.

Innovative, unequalled and undeniably delicious, Lamb Weston’s Stealth Fries have a patented thin coating that thinly coats each fry with a virtually transparent batter. This makes them crunchier than standard fries and keeps them warm twice as long. Their premium quality means more servings per Kg, making them also highly profitable! Available with Skin-On and Skin-Off and in five cut sizes, all gluten free.

Sweet on fries

With the trend towards healthy eating (three-quarters of industry leaders expect healthy eating offerings to grow the fastest over the next 3–5 years [MCA]), operators should look to Lamb Weston sweet potato fries as an easy, tasty way to stay ahead of the game.

Sweet potatoes appeal to an ever-expanding audience looking to try something a little different, a little tastier, a little better for you. Sweet potato fries are a healthier, lower fat alternative to white potatoes, and offer more variety and choice of side dishes.

Lamb Weston’s sweet potato products include savoury seasoned Crispy Fries and Shoestring Fries – both approved by the Craft Guild of Chefs. During the product endorsement assessment, one chef said they already used Lamb Weston’s Skin-On fries “as they offer great value and yield”.

Lamb Weston’s sweet potato products are gluten-free and a brilliant way for operators to add veggie and vegan value and interest to menus. Simply cook and serve alongside protein such as bean burgers for a tasty satisfying meal.

* Consumer survey, 9th September 2019, London. 42kg of chips sampled with 310 consumers

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