Face masks now mandatory in England takeaways

Trade body UK Hospitality criticised the timing of the announcement

Face coverings will be compulsory in takeaways in England from 24 July, the government has announced.

Coverings, such as cloth masks or bandanas, are to be worn when buying food and drink to take away. However, a customer can remove their face covering if he or she is sitting down and consuming their purchase in the same premises.

New government guidelines confirmed that it will not be compulsory for customers to wear masks or similar coverings in dine-in restaurants.

Trade body UK Hospitality criticised the timing of the news.

“The announcement lacked clarity around many issues affecting outlets offering both takeaway and on-premises dining. Furthermore, with the announcement at around 2.30pm the day before the measures come into effect, it left those venues a very short time to properly brief staff, prepare signage and take steps to encourage compliance,” Kate Nicholls, chief executive of UK Hospitality said.

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