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A Great Way to Change-Up Your Menu to Help with Sales Growth or Cost Savings

However, they also open up other day parts allowing operators to extend their offering with just a few small tweaks to the menu. Whether it is a British sausage and egg breakfast wrap, a Mexican burrito for lunch, or a Mediterranean gyro for dinner, incorporating wraps onto your menu is a sure-fire way to appeal to the masses.

In the current climate, consumers expect more for their money and are seeking premium authentic experiences where they can treat themselves to exciting new flavours and cuisines. Although budgets are tight, they are willing to pay for it, with 87% agreeing that quality has a price and 75% happy to pay for higher quality . Operators increasingly need to consider the flavour profile and appearance of your ingredients – even your carrier items like breads and wraps.

In response, Santa Maria has launched their Grill Mark Tortillas. Combining authenticity with taste, Grill Mark wraps are designed to enable operators to boost margins, through premiumising dishes to meet consumer needs, while also checking off the needs of a busy operator. The 12” format is soft and easy to fold, incorporating a delicious flame grilled flavour and appearance. With a long shelf-life, they stay fresher for longer, and can be easily frozen, without affecting flavour and ease of use.

Testing showing that operators can nearly save a minute (51 seconds) per serving. This means, a QSR serving 50 chargrilled wraps or burritos daily can add up to around 255 saved hours per year. Helping foodservice operators find new ways to overcome staffing shortages and create popular dishes with smaller inventories.

Finally, more and more people are making conscious decisions when it comes to their eating habits, again, this extends to base items such as bread and wraps. Vegan and free from unsustainable palm oils, Santa Maria’s Grillmark Tortillas are made in a carbon neutral factory in the UK&I, supporting operators to meet consumer demand to enhance their sustainability credentials.

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