Antunes countertop range of appliances satisfy on-the-move consumers

“With demand for takeaway, quick-serve and delivered foods set to rise to new heights in 2022, Jestic Foodservice Solutions recommend fast food operators look to user-led light equipment solutions. In addition, utilising the expertise of the supplier and working with their own development chef, both before and after purchase can provide greater understanding and knowledge of the capabilities of the equipment purchased.

For example, with the countertop XpressChef™ 3i model, operators simply need to select which food item they wish to cook via the 3i’s fully customisable smart-phone style screen. Minutes or even seconds later, the dish will be ready to serve having been cooked to perfection through a carefully balanced combination of convection, impingement and microwave-assisted cooking technologies.

On-the-move breakfast options prove particularly popular with modern-day consumers, especially with those that are active or busy in the mornings whether this be by taking a morning walk, attending an exercise class or rushing during a school run or morning commute. These types of consumers often look for on-the-move breakfast options such as egg muffins, breakfast baps and more, and when utilising solutions from the Antunes countertop range of appliances such as egg stations and toasters, fast food operators can satisfy this demand.

For fast food operators that are also looking to tap into the thriving freshly-made juice, milkshake and smoothie scene with ease, the Vitamix ‘Touch & Go Advance’ proves ideal given that this blender features six pre-set control buttons for the most commonly made drinks including smoothies and shakes. Plus, by pressing the pulse button, an operator can quickly refresh a drink that has been pre-made on-site ahead of busy trading times.

No matter the light equipment model an operator selects, when turning to Jestic Foodservice Solutions, operators can guarantee total satisfaction, both from a product and service point of view thanks to Jestic’s comprehensive service and repair division: Jestic Technical Services.

Combining 40 years of experience in the industry with 50, highly skilled service engineers, nationwide support 24 hours a day, 364 days a year and stocking all the most common spare parts for our leading brands, fast food operators can be confident they will receive the highest standard of aftersales service from Jestic Foodservice Solutions.”

For more information on the commercial products supplied by Jestic Foodservice Solutions, please visit or call 01892 831960.

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