Authentic by taste and texture - a stress-free sauce solution

By Alison Smith, Global Product Developer for Mars Food

“Pizza and pasta dishes continue to be a tremendously popular choice with consumers of all ages, hence why adding a wide variety of pizza and pasta options to a takeaway menu is a must! However, in order to truly satisfy our nation of pizza and pasta lovers, and leave customers wanting to come back for more, fast food caterers must first turn their attention to the base ingredients used.

Tomato-based pizzas and pasta, for example, are a classic, must-have on any takeaway menu; providing customers with a traditional, fresh taste of Italy mouthful by mouthful. However, in order to ensure a tomato-base pizza or pasta lives up to customer expectation, fast food caterers must ensure they use a high-quality, authentic tasting sauce such as DOLMIO PROFESSIONAL® Tomato and Basil.

Authentic by taste and texture, this ready-to-use sauce provides busy caterers with a stress-free sauce solution that both caterers and customers will love. Simply pour the sauce straight from the jar, onto the rolled-out pizza dough, before spreading evenly for a perfect pizza base. Likewise, to create sensational pasta dishes, fast food caterers simply need to mix the sauce in with the cooked pasta and heat through.

For caterers that are looking to create a truly stand-out pizza offering, then experimenting with alternative bases is the way forward. From tangy barbecue bases to fragrant spicy curry pizzas, caterers can transgress pizza boundaries with ease with the help of UNCLE BEN’S PROFESSIONAL® and DOLMIO PROFESSIONAL® foodservice sauces.

Compromising of 17 sauces, the DOLMIO PROFESSIONAL® and UNCLE BEN’S PROFESSIONAL® foodservice sauce range are designed to help caterers tap into trends whilst meeting various dietary demands thanks to all of the sauces within the range being suitable for a gluten-free and vegetarian diet. 13 of the sauces are also suitable for vegans, meaning caterers can create a range of tasty free-from pizzas without ever compromising on quality and consistency.

To create an on-trend tikka pizza, simply spread UNCLE BEN’S PROFESSIONAL® Tikka Masala sauce onto pizza dough, topping with tandoori chicken, peppers, onions and a sprinkling of cheddar cheese to finish - A delicious infusion of India and Italy that customers on the search for something a little more exotic will love!”

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DOLMIO PROFESSIONAL® and UNCLE BEN’S PROFESSIONAL® ready-to-use foodservice sauces are all compliant with the 2017 PHE salt targets, as well as being suitable for a gluten free diet and contain no artificial flavours,* colours or preservatives as well as 10 out of the 17 UNCLE BEN’S PROFESSIONAL® and DOLMIO PROFESSIONAL® sauces being low in fat (less than 3g fat per 100g). The tomato-based DOLMIO PROFESSIONAL® sauces include an average of 75% tomato, whilst a 90g portion of the DOLMIO PROFESSIONAL® sauces contains one of the recommended five-a-day.

*With the exception of Uncle Ben’s Hickory Smoked BBQ and Uncle Ben’s Texan BBQ ready-to-use sauces which have a smoke flavour.”

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