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Aviko Paves the way with Sustainability Report

Aviko Foodservice, market leaders of potato processing, has released its first Sustainability

Report, showing their commitments to the planet and the steps they’re taking for the future.

Preserving the planet has never been so prevalent in the minds of foodservice businesses and consumers alike. With the importance placed on the practices we take and the people within this community, Aviko has shared their Sustainability Report to show their commitment to the planet, the steps they’ve already taken and their plans for the future.

The report details Aviko’s targets, such as their goal to achieve 100% recyclable packaging by 2025, and 50% reduced Co2 emissions by 2030. Each ambition is aligned to one of three main principles, Aviko shares that a better world in their opinion, is one that is more plant-based, transparent and circular. With their vision being ‘joy for everyone, now and in the future’, they ensure that each action positively affects one of three pillars, those being Proud Farmers, Healthy Earth and Happy People.

Mohammed Essa, Commercial Director UK & Ireland, Aviko, explains;

“Our mission is, and always has been to ‘bring joy to tables all over the world’, and with the release of our Sustainability Report we can show how we put this mission into practice. Our way of doing this is by connecting people, cultures and varying tastes across the globe. We maintain a ‘field to fork’ mentality, whereby each link in this fantastic chain is a focus point for our business. It’s important that there is joy in what we do, for the growers, suppliers, customers, end-users, consumers, colleagues and of course – the planet.”

Aviko believes in the power of connection and cooperation throughout the full chain, from field to fork. The report highlights the steps that Aviko has already taken, by first improving the quality of soil that the potatoes are grown in, to paving the way with their cold store in Steenderen, Netherlands, which is proudly BREEAM certified and is the most sustainable in the world. To read the full report, go to

Mohammed continues:

‘With so many changes afoot - such as ecosystems deteriorating, climate change and the growing population – revaluating our commitments has been essential. With our positive attitude and international presence, it’s our goal to play a leading role in creating a sustainable, future-proof chain. It’s not just about today, we’re looking out for tomorrow.’

Aviko has been the resolute potato partner for foodservice for over fifty years bringing quality and smart solutions to menus all over the world. With a range of chilled and frozen potato specialities made by chefs, for chefs, Aviko’s extensive range includes Hash Browns, Premium Fries, Mash, Appetisers and much more.

For more information on Aviko’s extensive range visit

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