‘Big Truffle in Little China’ as Bath restaurant wins Heinz Battle of the Burger competition

In celebration of National Burger Day in August, Kraft Heinz Foodservice began the search to find Britain’s best burger with its Heinz Battle of the Burger competition and has now crowned Magu Diner in Bath as the winner.

Kraft Heinz Foodservice, which judged entries based on overall appearance, creativity, and quality, was thoroughly impressed with the restaurant’s ‘Big Truffle in Little China’ burger. Szechuan-coated buttermilk chicken was topped with Heinz [Seriously] Good Truffle Mayonnaise, a honey, ginger, spring onion and coriander Chinese leaf slaw and Heinz Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce packed into a potato bun.

The campaign encouraged independent burger restaurants to be imaginative in creating the ultimate fast-food favourite whether it be a meaty masterpiece or plant-based patty of perfection. Chefs were invited to unfurl their flair to produce a unique and delicious menu item that used at least one Heinz sauce in its original form, for a chance to be named the country’s best and win a marketing package worth £5,000.

Charlotte Crane, junior brand manager at Kraft Heinz Foodservice, says: “The UK is a nation of burger lovers, eating 2.5 billion of them per year. And we all know that key to a burger’s success is that final flourish of sauce. We wanted burger houses to get creative with this winning yet versatile combination.

“Huge congratulations to Magu Diner for an excellent interpretation of the brief which delivered on excitement, innovation and most importantly, a knockout variety of flavours. Kraft Heinz Foodservice is thrilled to be working with the team to get Big Truffle in Little China on its menu for diners to sink their teeth into it in the coming months.”

Magu Diner, which opened in Bath city centre in 2018, prides itself on being a gourmet burger bar which serves ‘out-of-this-world’ burgers. It’s where smashed beef patties and plant-based versions are right at home smothered in unconventional flavours - think peanut and pecan butter paired with a popular biscuit spread.

Head chef and owner of Magu Diner, Leon Dunnett explains the decision to enter the competition. He said: “National Burger Day is always busy for us, and we believe that we serve the tastiest ones in town - we go all-out when it comes to quality and flavour. We love experimenting with Heinz sauces, so the Heinz Battle of the Burger competition was a fun way to push ourselves more, with the aim to verify our claim that our burgers are the best.

“The inspiration for Big Truffle in Little China comes from a love of east-meets-west fusion - two opposites marrying together to make something really special. Plus, I adore anything with truffle in.”

Leon adds: “We are so excited and happy to have won! Working closely with Kraft Heinz Foodservice is going to be a gamechanger for us and the team is so thankful to be working with a brand that is much-loved and highly respected by us and our customers too. We look forward bringing Big Truffle in Little China to our menu and diners soon.”

Over the coming weeks, Magu Diner and Kraft Heinz Foodservice will team up to create the promotional activity for the winning burger, which will be available at its Moorland Road restaurant for a limited time only following its launch. Heinz will be supporting with a marketing plan worth £5,000 which will go towards merchandise and in-store visibility, PR and social media promotion.

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