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“For many, no morning is complete without a steaming hot cup of tea or coffee to fuel their caffeine cravings. For others, a refreshing glass of ice-cold juice to wash down their breakfast is just the ticket to get their morning off to the right start. Although classic juice flavours including orange and apple remain firm favourites on the menu, it is important to cater to the diverse and ever-growing tastes of consumers by offering a variety of juice drinks at breakfast time for consumers of all ages to enjoy. People enjoy a variety of flavours rather than sticking to the same old same old; so, offering choice to your customers is key!

At Cracker Drinks, we have developed a delicious range of CRAFTED® single serve juice drinks comprising of three delicious flavours: Mango & Passion Fruit, which is sweet, smooth and subtle; Blueberry & Blackberry, which is fragrant, zesty and refreshing; and Still Cloudy Lemonade, which is zesty and sharp. All 3 flavours perfectly accompany a wide variety of breakfast foods including fruits, pastries, and cereal, making CRAFTED® the perfect breakfast pairing!

We’re proud to say that all of our juice drinks contain absolutely no added sugar, sweeteners or preservatives and count as one of your recommended five-a-day per 330ml serving, making the CRAFTED® range a must-stock for caterers that are committed to helping their customers stay hydrated whilst contributing to their five-a-day intake. Made with a careful blend of fruits and water, each 330ml serving is not only at least 20% lower in sugar and calories than 100% fruit juice, but it also makes for a delicious alternative for consumers who aren’t keen on drinking plain water.”

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