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Carpigiani UK announces the launch of the new IFI Dessert Station, the perfect partner for any dessert. This stylish counter seamlessly holds dessert and soft serve toppings, including sauces, allowing a new level to be brought to sweet theatrics that customers will love.

Paul Ingram, Managing Director at Carpigiani UK explains more,

“Toppings are an essential part of the dessert experience and our new IFI Dessert Station delivers a fun, stylish way to enhance the gelato or soft serve experience! Our fully kitted out Dessert Station is the perfect partner to a Carpigiani soft serve machine and will bring some theatre to creating your desserts. Take your soft serve and add to it your favourite toppings such as sprinkles or choc chips, with two bain-marie wells you also have the opportunity to offer indulgent melted chocolate or perhaps salted caramel sauces - with selections all on show, this is a simple way of upselling and increasing profits. The new IFI Dessert Station can also be fully customised to fit your theme or brand. We’ve already had so much interest in this product from a wide range of establishments from national chain restaurants to independent cafés. There is so much potential to be had with this unit and it’s the perfect thing to top off your customers desserts.”

The high-capacity IFI Dessert Station is ideal for taking desserts to the next level, with its multi-temperature counter and ventilated refrigeration features, the opportunity of topping choices is endless. The counter itself is equipped to hold 12x cold refrigerated pans, 6x non-refrigerated pans, 2x large bain-marie heated containers, as well as having two doors at the back for easy access to the main refrigeration area. Why not entertain customers with the ability to dip their soft serve in some melted chocolate or add some fruit or sprinkles, all possible with the new IFI Dessert Station.

For more information on the Carpigiani Dessert Station or for details of the Carpigiani Gelato University training courses, please visit or call 01432 346018

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