Comfort to go in a crisis with Hot2HomeTM

Hungry Brits have turned to food for comfort during the pandemic with traditional fish and chips proving by far the most popular

Sales figures from online takeaway delivery platform Foodhub have revealed demand for the nation’s favourite has more than doubled since lockdown kicked in, with a 208% increase in orders. [Foodhub May 2020]. This is followed by Quarter Pounder Burgers (158%) and Doner Kebabs (156%) as homebound Brits look for ways to satisfy their taste for fast food.

Other foods on the up include Sausage and chips (up 152%), Chicken Burgers (147%) and Chicken Nuggets (146%). And you can bet your bottom dollar that fries will have been added to many of those fast food orders!

Even in ‘normal’ times, chips, wedges and fries make up 60% of potato servings out of home, accounting for the lion’s share of both value and volume, most being sold through fast food outlets and pub restaurants. [ADHB UK FoodServiceReview nov 2019]

But takeaway and home delivery operators still have to solve a soggy problem to keep everyone satisfied. Because fries don’t travel well. However crisp, golden and delicious they might be at the restaurant, they reach their destination cold and soggy.

That’s why Lamb Weston developed the exciting, unique concept that is Hot2Home™ Fries – currently shaking up the fries’ home delivery and takeaway market.

Andrea Deutschmanek, Lamb Weston’s Country Marketing Manager UK & ROI gives some expert insight…

“August and September were brilliant for foodservice in general, not just because of ‘Eat Out to Help Out’, although it was a massive factor. People were sitting outside due to great weather and foodservice was picking up nicely. We will, however, be keeping our eyes on the ever-changing situation. We’ve also seen an increase in the demand for frozen food – the advantages being that the produce is frozen at the peak of its quality, hygiene factors come into play and also longer Best Before Dates, just in case of further lockdown restrictions.

“Our exciting, award winning Hot2Home fries have revolutionised the delivery market, solving the soggy fries problem by staying hot and crispy for an amazing 20 minutes! And our newest launch, The Dukes of Chippingdom, is hugely popular and on trend – a super tasty, thick-cut, homemade looking, proper pub chip. Cut from 100% British potatoes, it’s big on provenance as well as flavour and appearance.

“Both products deliver on the post-Covid trends; people ordering more food for delivery, and wanting it locally produced to help British businesses. Furthermore, a lot of businesses, and even pubs, moved away from their usual service and across to delivery and takeaway, to keep up with their sales when people were not allowed to dine in.

“Frozen food in general, including frozen potato products, will over-perform in foodservice as a relatively low cost item that brings healthy revenues for restaurants. Economy will also be important for consumers in a recession, so frozen will win in retail too.

“Frozen potato products tick the box when thinking about veganism and vegetarians too. As mentioned above, provenance is a key factor that will remain strong and grow even stronger. This will be especially significant for the UK given the Brexit situation and costs that may come along with import and export duties. Also, technology development and increased use in our daily lives will play an even greater role in the near future while virtual distance and contact and contactless payments will remain!”

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