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Valentine introduces VITOconnect

Enabling chefs to both filter used oil and monitor the effectiveness of results, Vito a leading manufacturer of commercial oil filtration, has launched VITOconnect – an intelligent cloud-based platform for use in commercial kitchens.

In a world of fully connected kitchens, operators have come to expect data and remote monitoring at their fingertips. The launch of VITOconnect takes monitoring to a new level, with operators being able to remotely access information about their Vito usage from a smartphone, tablet or PC, anywhere and at any time.

From time-stamped HACCP documentation, demonstrating filtration cycles to the ability to generate custom usage reports for individual sites, VITOconnect drives functionality and allows operators to stay on top of their oil management. Ideal for multi-site, group and chain accounts, VITOconnect allows a head office team to set filtration target goals, offers custom alerts and can deliver email notifications if a filtration target is not met.

Designed to reduce running costs, an element of particular importance with today’s cooking oil prices, VITOconnect helps to improve operating procedures, resulting in a rapid ROI and greater oil quality and ultimately, less waste. With instant access to data, presented on an easy-to-read dashboard, VITOconnect is fully compliant with the latest food safety and monitoring regulations, achieves complete transparency and delivers a permanent record log.

As the exclusive distributor for the Vito range in the UK foodservice sector, Steve Elliott, Sales Director at Valentine & CuisinEquip comments:

“VITOconnect takes oil filtration to a completely new level. Harnessing the power of smart, connected appliances, the system allows operators to record, monitor and analyse their oil filtration cycles, remotely and at any time. Accessed through any connected device, VITOconnect keeps a constant, accurate record of when and for how long each cycle takes place. For greater transparency and understanding, the dashboard can even detail the total oil, expense and CO2 emissions that have been saved. Broken down by individual unit, kitchen or region, VITOconnect is equally useful for independent sites as it is for franchises, groups or national accounts.”

VITOconnect comes as standard with many of the most recent filtration units in the Vito range, including the newly launched portable Vito VM and Vito VL, providing maximum cost control and seamless reporting for full compliance through the cloud.

For more information on VITOconnect and the full range of Vito models available in the

Valentine portfolio, please visit

or call +44 (0) 118 957 1344.

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