Convotherm launches a new family of combi ovens: Just right – the Convotherm maxx

No matter the type of foodservice operation, success depends on a number of factors: The right concept, ideal timing – and, increasingly, the right equipment featuring modern technology. The new Convotherm maxx embodies precisely all of these aspects, allowing professional chefs to run a successful and simplified foodservice operation.

The fine art of technical design is embodied in the Convotherm maxx

The Convotherm maxx is the result of many years of learnings and experience as a premium manufacturer. At Convotherm, we believe that modern technical design must be measured by how easily tasks can be carried out.The brand-new Convotherm maxx perfectly represents this belief by utilising various, advanced technologies in order to help chefs obtain optimal results with ease.

Touchscreen display: The new 7-inch TFT HiRes glass touch display delivers brilliant images, and with its scroll feature and pictograms, is as easy and intuitive to operate as a smartphone.

HygieniCare: The hygienic handles made of antibacterial and antimocrobial plastics reduce the multiplication of microorganisms.

Energy efficient triple glass: This minimises heat loss, which ensures lower energy consumption levels as well as a high level of safety and environmental friendliness.

Additional shelf: The Convotherm maxx is available as a 6.10 or 10.10 and offers a greater capacity due to an additional shelf. This ensures greater efficiency and speed thanks to optimal capacity utilisation.

LED lighting: A powerful, long life LED light strip is integrated into the appliance door and lights the interior.

Management functions: More space for working efficiently and economically

Everyday commercial kitchen routines can be hard work: Service periods are fast-paced, plus, the quality and the selection of foods need to be top flight and unique. Thanks to the functions that Convotherm have developed and made available in the Convotherm maxx, professional chefs can consistently ensure excellent, all-round performance:

Climate Management: The right climate in the cooking chamber is crucial for cooking and baking.

Crisp&Tasty setting provides precisely metered hot air that removes moisture in order to ensure perfect results.

Production Management: No matter if an operator selects the fully automatic or manual mode, operators can maintain a stress-free overview of even the most complex processes.

Quality Management: The best cooking and baking results are not achieved by coincidence: rather, they are the result of sophisticated technology.

Cleaning Management: Cleanliness is indispensable in cooking and baking. That’s why the Convotherm maxx is equipped with ConvoClean: a fully automatic cleaning system

Optimal solutions for a successful future.

“The new Convotherm maxx has been developed for professional chefs who want to experience modern combi technology at an ideal price/performance ratio. This new model is a real all-rounder thanks to its’ powerful, flexible and practical functions which help operators meet the challenges of the new normal, such as hygiene, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. We are certain that with the Convotherm maxx, we have created exactly the right product for these times, thereby empowering operators to move confidently into a successful future,” said Arndt Manter, Director Product Management at Convotherm, about the new product.

More information on the Convotherm maxx can be found at:

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