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To stand out in the increasingly crowded fried chicken market, fast food restaurants and takeaways have to offer a delicious end product using quality ingredients. Key to delivering exceptional food time and time again is a modern high-performance fryer.

The purchase of a fryer is a substantial investment and one that should be carefully considered. Modern fryers have been developed to not only withstand the demands of busy kitchens, but also remain reliable and energy efficient for their lifespan. It is also important to consider the on-going running costs, and in doing so look for a fryer that can help operators save money and operate as sustainably as possible without compromising on performance or the quality of the food cooked.

Henny Penny, a global leader in the manufacture of commercial fryers and equipment, offers restaurants and fast food outlets a wide range of different appliances to suit individual needs. The Henny Penny Evolution Elite series takes consistency and efficiency to the next level. Utilising Henny Penny’s innovative reduced oil capacity technology not only helps to reduce the amount of oil consumed by as much as 40%, but also extends the life of the oil. This ensures operators can cook efficiently and keep their costs down, but remain safe in the knowledge that the quality of their food isn’t affected.

The life of oil within a fryer is not only a key element of frying, it is also an area in which operators can save money by taking advantage of the latest technology and developments. The Henny Penny Evolution Elite fryer has a built in, sensor activated Oil GuardianTM which monitors the oil level, automatically replenishing from an oil reservoir inside the fryer cabinet ensuring you are always cooking in the right amount of oil. Smart Touch Filtration improves oil savings, product quality and employee productivity by filtering individual vats at the touch of a button, while allowing vats to cook uninterrupted.

For high volume pressure frying, the pioneering design of the Henny Penny Velocity pressure fryer offers the ultimate in performance, consistency and cost savings.

With the ability to fry up 72 pieces of chicken in 25% less oil, it sets a new standard for performance and savings. The fryer automatically filters the oils between cooks in the same time it takes to rack the next load. This automatic filtration combines with the use of pioneering oil jets to wash food particles from the pot, eliminating scorching and reducing the time needed to clean the unit at the end of a shift, saving on both time and money in a busy catering environment.


Once the chicken comes out of the fryer the Henny Penny Smarthold Hot Holding Cabinet means operators can hold foods like fried chicken for longer, maintaining quality and improving yields. The Smarthold Cabinet includes patented humidity control allowing operators select to maintain precise humidity levels between 10% and 90%. There is even a constant digital humidity/temperature display and digital countdown timers for each shelf.

New to Jestic portfolio are the advanced HSW212E and HSW313E Holding Drawers from Italian manufacturer Moduline, which offer independent digital temperature control of each drawer - and ergonomic and fully built in drawer handles with magnetic closure. The Moduline hot holding range has proved very popular with fast food and QSR operators, as the advanced technology ensures even and stable temperatures, from +30°C to +120°C, accurately calibrated to be gentle on the food, thus preserving moisture, flavour and aroma - so food looks like it has just been cooked.


The perfect chicken burger requires a delicious toasted bun and the Antunes range of vertical contact toasters gives buns a consistent, golden brown finish so they don’t soak up the juices of the ingredients, helping the sandwich stay firm and delicious. With a dual-sided platen, the Vertical Contact Toaster has more capacity than conventional single-sided toasters, allowing operations to quickly serve fresh products to customers without making them wait. The VCT-2000 features a digital controller for making precise adjustments to the quality of the toast for different bread products. A built-in auxiliary heater warms the top sides of the buns to help keep the assembled sandwich warmer for longer. The VCT-2000 also includes belt wraps to minimise bun marking.


Rotisserie cooking takes theatre, taste and customer experience to a whole new level. The basics of this cooking method are fairly simple, in essence being a spit-roast where chicken and other foods are turned constantly to produce an even roast and a continuous self-basting for enhanced flavour, rotisserie ovens are used in many different restaurant environments.

One of the most prominent manufacturers of rotisserie ovens is Rotisol. A company formed some 65 years ago, Rotisol has been crafting the world’s most beautiful and efficient rotisserie ovens in France ever since. Exclusively available in the UK through Jestic Foodservice Solutions, a Rotisol rotisserie creates the perfect centrepiece for any operator looking to achieve maximum impact and tempt customers with the sights, sounds and smells of the cooking process.

For operators looking for a compact, energy efficient rotisserie, the Rotisol Roti-Roaster is an ideal solution. Six stainless steel electric models are available from 3-16 baskets or spits, all with pass through and a removable juice tray and drainage tap. K glass doors and heavy insulation offer excellent heat retention for faster, more efficient cooking. Cooking profiles are simple to set and a digital display keeps you in control.

An exciting new product in the Venix range is the Chic Grill System™, an innovative and versatile cooking system which provides a host of advantages for operators looking to offer chicken on their menu. At the heart of the Chic Grill System™ is the advanced San Marco combi-oven which can grill, roast and steam cook – in effect replacing an entire kitchen in just one square metre of floor space. The Chic Grill System™ is simple to use and doesn’t require highly skilled staff as pre-programmed recipes are easily accessed via the clear and intuitive seven inch touch screen control panel. Maintenance is equally simple thanks to the three automatic self-cleaning programmes.


Purchasing a fryer or rotisserie is only part of the story, as getting the maximum performance out of equipment and minimising any downtime is crucial for operators. This is perhaps why the comprehensive training and technical support we offer is proving so popular. Jestic’s dedicated Technical Services team of 45 factory-trained technical specialists, offer a wide range of preventative maintenance and reactive repair services for customers across the UK. In addition, our culinary team can provide personal demonstrations at our test kitchens in Kent and Manchester, as well as menu advice and on-site training, all tailored to suit the operators’ precise needs.

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