Delivering the perfect pizza experience

We’ve been living in unprecedented times, with restaurants closed, pubs closed, coffee shops closed and dining out, as we once took for granted, off the menu for

months on end

But as we slowly return to a ‘new normal’ and start thinking again about ‘eating out’, we’ve also become accustomed to expecting a much enhanced choice of food-to-our-door, including many of the same dishes we would expect to enjoy in a restaurant.

With Deliveroo, Just Eat, Uber Eats and countless independents all providing web and app-based services, investment in home delivery has been staggering. But not even the best prepared of multi-national operators could have envisaged the situation we found ourselves in, or the level of importance we’ve been placing on takeaway and home delivery.

But one thing we can be certain of, is that there is no lessening of the standards expected by at-home diners. In fact, quite the opposite, as we increasingly demand restaurant quality food delivered to our home.

To the rescue…the humble pizza

Throughout the many months where the pandemic impacted on all our lives, one area that threw itself into the breach, adopting the notion of ‘keep calm and carry on’ is…pizza!

Perhaps it’s because many of the key ingredients remained relatively easy to come by. Maybe it’s because it hasn’t been a particularly labour-intensive food to prepare. Or perhaps it’s simply that pizza is the most popular ‘comfort food’ in the world...and that’s what we’ve all needed most.

So…what is the secret of delivering pizza to a highly expectant audience and still retaining all that amazing straight-from-the-oven taste, appearance and texture?

The answer is actually incredibly simple. It’s all about the cheese.

Introducing the ultimate topping...technically perfect cheese!

Ornua Ingredients Europe has been spearheading a technically perfect topping, first by creating its own breakthrough TCS™ Technology, then using it to produce the brand new Spinneyfields Consistent Shred™ pizza cheese…created especially for takeaways and deliveries.

Consistent Shred™ has a rich, mild, creamy flavour. But the masterstroke is the shredding technology which eliminates clumping or fines, reducing wastage, helping with perfect portion control, and making it the highly cost-effective solution.

The texture and cook quality are excellent, so coverage and stretch can be easily controlled. And the generous melt – made possible by the consistent shred – gives an even appearance, reduced blistering, and exceptional oven-to-plate consistency.

It has one more very special trick up its sleeve too. In the past, there have been problems with pizza cheese ‘transparency’. In effect, once the pizza arrives at its destination, the cheese can look thin and ‘mean’, spoiling the customer’s satisfaction.

Not any more! Consistent Shred™ delivers – quite literally – a really generous coverage, maintaining its opacity from oven to front door, contributing hugely to visual appeal and a quality feel, without the chef piling on unnecessary extras.

Pizza Topper

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Guaranteed consistently amazing results with our delicious value-for-money Pizza Topper, ideal for all uses and budgets.

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Mozzarella & Cheddar

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Our best selling soft melt Mozzarella & Cheddar blend is designed to deliver a consistent melt, fantastic stretch, a creamy, rich flavour time after time.

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100% Mozzarella

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Our premium soft melt 100% Mozzarella was designed for an authentic, traditional pizza result. Superior taste, stretch and creaminess.

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So, now you know. That’s how you deliver the perfect pizza. Easy when you know how.

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