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Funnybones’ Single Portions Make Introducing Caribbean Food Easy and Waste-Free

Funnybones’ is making it easier than ever for operators to introduce authentic Caribbean food to their venues, without worrying about waste, thanks to the new Caribbean

Irie Eats range of individual portions.

Delivered frozen in packs of 6, and wrapped in eco-friendly, heat stable packaging, operators can be confident the range is good for business, and good for the planet. Marja Lawrence, Commercial Manager Foodservice and Export at Funnybones, is excited about what the individual portions could mean for pubs, cafes, and restaurants;

“We’re absolutely delighted to be able to offer our popular range of Irie Eats meals as individual portions. We know from our customers that having our deliciously authentic Caribbean food available as single portions makes it much easier for operators to confidently add them to their menu, secure in the knowledge they’re easy to stock, so they’ll be able to meet demand, without worrying about unnecessary food waste.”

The convenient portions are available in five sensational choices, each bursting with flavour. Vegan-friendly Callaloo Stew; a dark, leafy, kale-like veg, mixed with tomatoes, peppers, onions, and coconut milk for a hearty, creamy, feel-good stew. Sweet, spicy, and sticky Rice ‘n’ Peas – a classic combination of red kidney beans, rice, and coconut milk, with thyme, and aromatic spices, served with almost every Caribbean meal. Curried Mutton, combining lean, diced, mutton with potatoes and carrots in a medium spiced sauce. And finally, traditional Jerk comprised of scotch bonnet, pimento and traditional herbs and spices, available with delicious Chicken or juicy Pork. Easily Britain’s favourite Caribbean flavour, both Jerk Chicken and Jerk Pork are classed as a medium heat, and leave a tingling more-ish impression that’ll have customers eager to return for more.

Once defrosted, the meals can be kept chilled for up to five days. Operators interested in creating larger batches of mouth-watering Caribbean, Mexican, or Americana dishes can utilise Funnybones’ wide range of sauces, rubs, and marinades to create the perfect dish to suit their menu.

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