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According to Bartlett Mitchell, demand for quick and convenient lunches prior to the Pandemic was in growth, with grab and go sales estimated to be worth £20bn in 2018 and making up 70% of all lunchtime choices. And, a business that finds street food pitches, is in agreement - according to them, the UK food-to-go market is worth

£20bn annually and street food alone contributes £2bn.*

For any food outlet, a grab & go menu offers the opportunity to sell dishes to take-away where seating may be limited, or time may be constrained for the consumer, but operators shouldn’t be concerned about the need to invest in multiple items of equipment in order to provide a wide range of hot items. The Panasonic NE-SCV2 speed convection oven can replace the need for several items of light equipment as it will grill, toast, bake, re-heat, cook, brown, fry, poach, etc., and doesn’t need extraction, therefore can be located anywhere, in the smallest of establishment, so toasted sandwiches, baked potatoes, pastry goods, even chips, can be offered.

Jared Greenhalgh, Business Development Manager, Panasonic UK; “We’ve seen some imaginative uses for our microwaves such as making lemons more squeezable and even disinfecting chopping boards, but when it comes to grab & go, microwaves will re-heat quickly from fresh or frozen, save on energy costs and can result in less waste. When used for reheating, wet foods such as lasagne or chilli do best, and you can even cook items from scratch such as sponge puddings and brownies as they only take minutes!”


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