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Loaded launches: Santa Maria’s new dirty and decadent solution for operators

With ‘treating’ the number one mission for eating and drinking out[1], as consumers continue to seek out affordable treats that are kind on the purse strings, and 62% of consumers looking to spend money on experiences rather than material things[2], there is an opportunity for out-of-home operators to drive revenue by offering an elevated food experience through simple twists and upgrades.

Santa Maria, the nation’s leading out-of-home food provider, today launched its latest solution – Loaded – a range of dirty and decadent downloadable recipes that are designed specifically to drive footfall and increase spend per head across operators in food-to-go, casual dining, pubs and bars.

The Loaded concept is based around three core categories – burgers, fries and nachos – chosen for their popularity amongst consumers, operational simplicity and versatility for ‘loading up’.

Each category has a range of irresistible loaded recipes that are oozing with flavour. The recipes are on a sliding scale, varying in complexity, from taking existing dishes and adding simple seasoning or spiked salsa through to fully loaded recipes that include a variety of new products. It offers operators choice in how they customise their menus and stand out amongst competitors.

Created by Santa Maria’s chef team, the recipes include inspiration from global-flavours and nostalgic home comforts and also offer serving suggestions that bring a sense of theatre to the table.

Santa Maria’s Taste Creator, Barney MacAdam, says: “We’re conscious of the challenges the hospitality sector is starkly facing with rising operating costs, increasing food prices, staff shortages and the cost of living impacting their customer’s back pockets. We’ve worked hard to ensure our Loaded solution will work for every operator, despite these challenges.

“The categories are based around some of the most affordable dishes on menus - dishes that the vast majority of operators serve anyway. The scaleable recipes mean operators can choose which loaded dish they put on their menu, enabling them to work around any staff or skill shortages on their chef team. We’ve also weaved in our pre-made spice blends, rubs, seasoning and sauces - making the recipes as effortless as possible.

“As well as the free recipes, we’re offering operators the opportunity to book a free demo for our famous cheddar cheese sauce, which is the hero product of the Loaded concept. It’s packed full of flavour, smooth, oozy and indulgent and works incredibly well across so many of the loaded dishes.

“Of course, one of the main appeals of loaded dishes is the additional revenue opportunity they present as operators can charge more for them than regular, plain dishes. There is also a profit calculator so operators can input their recipe costs and RRP and understand what margins and profit the dish will deliver. We’re helping operators become laser-focused on delivering both a great dining experience for consumers and also strong profits that directly benefit their bottom line.”

Loaded burgers

With over a third of consumers purchasing a burger when they eat out[3], the finger-licking Loaded recipes include chicken, beef and plant-based options. ‘The Mac Daddy Smash’ features a beef burger seasoned in steakhouse rub, topped with Mac n Cheese, beef barbacoa and drizzled with a bourbon BBQ sauce. Or why not bring some true American style to the menu with ‘The Nashville Hot’, a hot and spicy chicken burger together with lettuce, buffalo sauce, bacon drizzled in honey, cheddar cheese sauce and jalapeños, complete with onion rings and a red chilli on the top of the bun.

Loaded fries

As more than half of consumers prefer to order loaded fries over standard fries[4], operators can really play around with topping combinations. Why not bring Asian fusion flavours and create the Korean BBQ fries, loaded with red chilli and ginger seasoned chicken, Kimchi slaw, Korean BBQ sauce and Sriracha mayo, garnished with wasabi, sesame and coriander. Or the Dirty as Cluck Fries, which bring the ever-popular BBQ flavour to the menu, with fries and chicken pieces seasoned with steakhouse rub flavouring and drizzled in Chipotle sauce.

Loaded nachos

Nachos feature on a third of menus[5] and a whopping 83% of consumers say they would order nachos when eating out[6], proving the popularity of this Mexican dish is showing no signs of abating. Recipes include Cheeseburger and Nacho Smash Up, which features nachos loaded with steakhouse seasoned burger bite-sized pieces, cheddar cheese sauce, diced gherkins, crispy onions, topped with burger sauce and chives. Or operators could try Trash Can Nachos – classic nachos, topped with mince beef, salsa, guacamole, sour cream, cheddar cheese sauce and jalapeños served in a trash can.

The Loaded solution also includes ideas on how operators can tap into the key trend of creating a food experience for consumers, such as the Cheese Crown Double Bacon Burger which features a pastry ring filled with cheddar cheese sauce balanced on top which can be lifted to pour down over the burger.

Nick Minchin, Marketing Manager for UK & IRE, Santa Maria, says: “Our development chefs are experienced at concepting dishes that appeal to convenience-led consumers seeking affordable food experiences when both dining in or taking out. The new Loaded concept provides solutions for all operators from quick-serve eateries, pubs and restaurants. Alongside the recipes, operators also have access to insights, our profit calculator, signature recipes, tips on how to drive spend, digital assets and imagery, which is all free to download and use.”

To download the Loaded solution or to book a free demo of Santa Maria’s cheddar cheese sauce, please visit:

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