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McWhinney’s Sausages to give away £125,000 of sausage suppers to mark 125th Anniversary

McWhinney’s Sausages will be celebrating its 125th anniversary in 2023 and we are going to mark the occasion with a year of giveaways! Teaming up with our distributors and award-winning chip shops, McWhinney’s will be giving away £125,000 worth of sausage suppers across the UK. Customers ordering a fish supper will be offered a completely free sausage supper while stocks last.

The company, renowned for our uncompromising attention to consistently high quality, wanted to use the occasion to recognise the importance of the customers who have made our 125 years of business possible. We feel, with the cost of living crisis being as staple of the news cycle, a bit of good news for customers would be most welcomed.

Scott McWhinney, Sales and Marketing Director for McWhinney’s said: “It’s great to be able to mark this huge milestone in a way that gives back to all our loyal customers who have supported us through the years, especially at a time when finances are at the front of everyone’s mind. With the price of fish being what it is at the moment, with seemingly no sign of breaking back, we are confident that the structure of our giveaway will help the industry and customer alike.

“The reaction to the giveaway has been overwhelming with most slots until March filling instantly. We are looking forward to getting the celebrations underway and want to thank everyone who is taking part. It is a privilege to have joined the company this year and to be able to coordinate the promotion with our amazing customers.”

Participating shops will receive 10 free boxes of sausages to run the promotion for the week and then, as a thank you for participating, a further 10 boxes at the end of the week. They will also benefit from target social media posts aimed at driving footfall to the shop during the promotional week.

The McWhinney family have been making their award-winning Irish pork sausages since 1898 and is now in on its sixth generation in the business. Scott McWhinney, son of MD Kevin, joined the company this year and has spent the time travelling to meet customers UK wide.

Do you run an award winning shop that uses McWhinney’s and want to take part in the celebration? If so, we’d love to hear from you – email us at

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