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Merrychef® Launches Patented Panini Press

If 80% faster cooking times, ventless cooking, and easy installation wasn’t enough, then the very latest Merrychef® accessory is surely the icing on the cake. The new Merrychef® panini press launches this month as an accessory for the conneX® 12 and the eikon® e2s and will deliver consistent, compressed sandwiches with perfect grill marks every time. Simply the easiest-to-use panini press available on the market, it is quickly installed (as it rests on the internal cavity stubs), and offers additional versatility to operators creating paninis, bagels, subs or sandwiches. With 3 kits available; a high opening for thicker sandwiches, bagels or ciabatta, a low opening for thinner foods such as quesadillas or flatbreads, as well as the option to deliver grill marks on either the top only or both sides of the food, the Merrychef panini press is flexibility personified.

Colin Lacey, Managing Director of Merrychef® considers this to be a significant addition to the accessory range for the brand:

“We’ve received quite incredible feedback on our new Merrychef® panini press. It seems that this has really hit the spot for our customers. Personally, I believe its appeal is in its ease of use. It couldn’t be simpler to create food with perfect grill marks that help to create the perfect looking panini in less than 40secs. It’s also easy to take in and out of the oven - it simply replaces the cook plate and sits on the internal cavity stubs so doesn’t stop you using your oven when the panini press is not in use”.

Operated using a unique Merrychef® paddle, the food/sandwich can be slid in effortlessly between a top grill plate and a bottom plate and when the paddle is removed, the grill lowers to compress the food. When the panini press isn’t being used, food can still be cooked as usual on the top of the press, further increasing its flexibility.


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