MKN SpaceCombi – the space saving combi

One piece of equipment which is becoming a must have is a multi-function combi oven which can cook a wide variety of dishes at the touch of a button to a very high standard. New to Jestic’s portfolio of brands, MKN’s SpaceCombi® with six GN 1/1 inserts offers all the power, features and control chefs could hope for in a combi, but at just 55cm wide it is 40% smaller and with an integrated hood option it can fit in even the smallest of kitchens.

The MKN SpaceCombi® is incredibly easy to operate thanks to the MagicPilot touch and slide operating system with a capacitive true colour touch screen, which is as simple and intuitive as your smartphone. SpaceCombi® offers a host of guided cooking technologies so even less experienced staff can produce consistent and delicious results every time. This includes the AutoChef automatic cooking feature which includes more than 250 preselected international cooking processes which can be individually modified. In addition ChefsHelp and VideoAssist offer interactive user assistance with clips from professional chefs.

Mibrasa – Craftsmen of Charcoal Cooking

Another new brand to the Jestic portfolio is the range of Mibrasa charcoal ovens and grills. Mibrasa pride themselves on being craftsman of premium charcoal cooking equipment. From their engineering workshop in Spain, Mibrasa produce the finest charcoal ovens and grills to serve demanding chefs all over the world.

An advanced Mibrasa charcoal oven offers operators a number of advantages as it can bring the deep rich flavours distinct to charcoal fired cooking to all types of ingredients including meat, fish, vegetables, seafood and desserts, and consumes 40% less charcoal than an open grill. What’s more, a Mibrasa oven can retain temperatures of between 250°C and 350°C for an entire service whilst ensuring a heat-free kitchen environment for chefs. Cooking at high temperatures sears and grills the product, sealing in its juices and enhancing its flavour. When the cooking is done, cleaning up is made easy thanks to an integrated ash drawer and grease collector.

Xpresschef – Delivering delicious food, fast

Speed of service is vital, especially during peak times - so operators will need a powerful and flexible high speed oven which is easy for staff to use and can deliver delicious hot food, fast. This is where the new XpressChef™ 3i comes in to its own as it provides best in its class speed and performance in a compact, front of house footprint and a choice of colours.

The XpressChef™ 3i runs off a standard 13 amp socket and is available with an impressive 4000 or 5000 watts of power and the combination of three cooking technologies – impingement, convection and microwave, makes cooking a variety of foods on-demand quick and easy whether toasting, grilling, baking or steaming. Ease of use is another hallmark of the 3i as the 7” True-Touch™ HD touchscreen incorporates a fully customisable smartphone-like display with a scrollable image-based menu – so quality results are assured regardless of staff skill levels. The ventless 3i can be positioned anywhere saving on the expense of ventilation systems and also benefits from a number of safety features including a cool to the touch exterior and a unique, cleverly engineered gasket-less inner door, which drops well below the cooking surface for the safe removal of food from the cavity.

For more information on the MKN, XpressChef and Mibrasa ranges supplied by Jestic Foodservice Solutions, please visit or call 01892 831960.

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