The new Vanilla Thickshake Mix from Jersey Dairy is made with milk straight from their famous Jersey cows on the island of Jersey. Perfectly balanced to create a smooth and creamy milkshake every time, the mix can be used in a milkshake machine or blitzed in a high speed blender to create different flavours.

Thickshake was made especially for milkshake machines, with all the right ingredients to create consistently perfect shakes. Once the shake is ready, syrups can be added to create tasty flavour combinations such as vanilla and toffee, spiced vanilla, or vanilla mocha.

It also makes a great ingredient, giving operators the opportunity to whip up their own special recipes in a high speed blender. Just add fresh ingredients to create tasty, fruity combinations, for example strawberry yogurt and fresh raspberries for a summer berry combo. Or whisk up our delicious Toffee Shake – see the recipe below.

“A high quality milk is required to create a high quality milkshake, and we believe our Jersey cows produce the very best milk there is,” says David Ashton, Jersey Dairy UK Sales Manager. “Our herds are allowed to graze freely on natural grass and they produce a unique type of milk with a worldwide reputation for its taste and creaminess. This translates into a fantastic milkshake mix.”

The Jersey Dairy has an unrivalled heritage and herds which can be traced back to 1763. The milk contains a unique type of butterfat and more calcium and protein than milk from other breeds of cow. It also has a higher level of vitamins and minerals and is good for the immune system.

As well as producing milk of extraordinary quality, the Jersey Dairy offers operators the confidence of knowing that they are sourcing sustainably. The dairy is the first in the world to be awarded a LEAF Marque due to the environmental credentials of the milk production process on the island.

Toffee Shake


• 150ml Jersey Dairy Vanilla Thickshake mix

• 150ml milk

• 2 tbsp toffee yogurt

• 1/2 banana (even better if it’s frozen!)

• 1 date

• Piece of chocolate


• Chop the date into small pieces.

• Blend all of the ingredients together.

• Pour into a glass and grate some choccie on the top! Enjoy!

Top tip

Make sure that all of the ingredients have been well chilled in the fridge beforehand. If not, add ice!

For more recipes using the Jersey Dairy Vanilla Thick Shake Mix, see the Jersey Dairy website

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