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New seafood trends from young’s foodserviceto build on fish & chip sales

Whilst increased inflation and the current cost of living crisis have caused fish and chip shop sales to decrease by 5%, seafood visits, and servings have bounced back to 77% of pre-pandemic levels. However, despite the post-pandemic improvement, there is still lots of uncertainty for operators when it comes to stable sales, product availability, and cost, as well as staying ahead of competitors. This instability has the potential to have a detrimental impact on the fast-food industry so it is vital for operators to find ways of overcoming these uncertainties and securing their business.

Keeping up to date with new seafood trends is the surest way for operators to entice consumers in and increase sales. Flavour tourism is also an up-and-coming trend for 2023 and consumers are more motivated than ever to indulge in new foods and flavours. Fish burgers using our Quarter Pounder Fillet of Fish are perfect as an alternative to a beefburger and when dressed with kimchi or a spicy flavoured mayo, they are a great way to introduce something different to a menu.


Young’s Seafood has been supplying fish and seafood for over 200 years it is our duty to actively support sustainable fisheries management and the marine environment around the world. An operator could put on their menus “supplied by Young’s Seafood” and reference our record of sustainability and principles. Often cafes and restaurants are worried that they have got to pay some kind of a levy to be able to say that something is sustainable, but actually, they don’t, we can give them all the information they need. We believe that sustainable practice is the only way to safeguard the future of fish for now and generations to come.

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