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Stock up on vegan sausage rolls to take advantage of current trends

Sausage rolls are one of the nation’s favourite hand-held snacks, and the vegan equivalents are going down just as well.

Frozen food distributor Central Foods, which supplies products to fast food outlets across the country, offers a tasty ready-to-bake vegan sausage roll which is the ideal snack for your plant-based customers.

“Kantar research indicates there is at least one member following a meat-avoidance or reduction diet in each UK household, with 12.5% identifying as flexitarian,” explains Gordon Lauder, MD of Central Foods.

“And a poll by YouGov recently revealed that 9% of Britons have taken the Veganuary pledge at least once, which is estimated to be about six million people. In total, 85% of non-vegan past participants of Veganuary said they had reduced their consumption of animal products since doing the challenge.

“With statistics like these, it makes commercial sense for fast food operators to offer tasty plant-based versions of popular favourites, like sausage rolls.”

The six inch KaterVeg! unbaked, ready-glazed vegan sausage roll has a herby, textured pea protein-based filling and is wrapped in flaky puff pastry. It’s absolutely delicious served warm and works well as a stand-alone snack or with a portion of chips.

Each pack contains 40 ready-to-bake vegan sausage rolls.

The KaterVeg! vegan sausage roll is one of a number of plant-based snacks and fast food options offered by Central Foods. The distributor recently launched the KaterVeg! Battered Vegan Chicken Nuggets and the KaterVeg! Battered Vegan Chicken Burger, which are both made from soya and vegetable protein and coated in a light tempura batter, and are perfect for takeaways and other outlets that are looking for tasty meat-alternatives.

Northamptonshire-based Central Foods was founded more than 25 years ago and is proud to be a catering partner across the whole food service sector, including the fast food sector. It currently sells to over 180 independent wholesalers, as well as larger national and regional wholesalers.

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