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It’s easy to understand the popularity of pizza; a self-contained dish that’s perfect for dine in, on-the-go or sharing, an easily customisable menu choice providing a solution to all dietary needs, a quick to prepare, affordable offer for both caterers and customers alike and simply a family favourite that’s super tasty!

Statistics from GlobalData* cited Italian and pizza & pasta as the most preferred cuisine type in the UK in 2021, accounting for 23.7% of total full-service restaurants, with burgers taking top choice and pizza second in the quick-service restaurant sector.

Increased interest in the origin of food, along with the authenticity and quality of ingredients is driving demand for premium pizza choices. Bidfood’s latest trend predictions** highlight pizza as a ‘concept that allows for lots of creativity’ following a surge of innovative products on the market and excitement around emerging trends, such as Detroit pizza and New York style pizza.

Pan’Artisan offers a core product range focused on savoury dough-based products, with particular expertise in pizza bases, dough balls and speciality breads made using authentic Italian processes.

The demand for an authentic Italian-style pizza is met with Pan’Artisan’s handcrafted Italiano range. The Company’s premium Italian Wood Fired pizza base comes ready topped with tomato sauce, assisting caterers with a great quality, quick to serve and convenient option. The bases are made using 24 hour fermented dough, which delivers a depth of flavour. They are hand-shaped and part-baked in a wood-burning oven before being cooled, topped with sauce and quick frozen to lock in the flavours. Pizza connoisseurs will delight in the thin, crisp, light base with a traditional thicker-edged crust and authentic, Italian flavour.

Italian Wood Fired Pizza Bases are available in 23cm, 10 per case and 29cm, 12 per case.

Chris Dickinson, Pan’Artisan’s Business Development Director, draws on a wealth of experience and skill to provide full product support and training to customers wanting to achieve the very best from Pan’Artisan’s premium quality dough range: “Pizza remains a very popular consumer choice with a prolific number of pizzerias operating in a very competitive market so it pays to adopt high standards of practice and makes sense to offer the best quality product that has been professionally prepared, to grow and retain custom.

“We provide training to a multitude of customers, from independents to high street chains and high-end restaurants, and during summer provided training at the Wimbledon Tennis Championships for their pizzeria offering.

“We offer a full training programme, that covers the handling of the dough from defrost through to the final product out of the oven, including serving. In depth instruction is given regarding the stages of defrosting and proving to ensure that the yeast provides the perfect “oven spring” to the crust and that the proving results in the desired fermented flavour. We also teach how to get the preferred pizza crust, demonstrating different stretching techniques to achieve either flat to the rim or leaving the edge to form a much higher crust for an open crumb structure, such as when using Pan’Artisan’s Hi-Crust dough balls.

“Pan’Artisan’s training is fully comprehensive, with demonstrations and instruction in how to get the dough into the oven, whether using a traditional pizza peel or a carrier such as a pizza board, to slide the pizza onto the peel. Care over presentation is also important and we encourage operators to have pride in the finished product and offer suggestions in how adding a range of toppings after baking can enhance the product’s flavour and appearance. We also produce step-by-step picture guides to support the training given and can carry out follow up visits to customers, ensuring new colleagues are taught to the same standards and existing staff maintain their skills.”

*GlobalData ‘UK – The Future of Foodservice to 2026’ July 2022

**Bidfood – 2023 Food & Drink Trends

For more information on the Pan’Artisan range of products call 01730 811490 or visit


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