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Pidy expands bouquet of floral themed pastry bases

June 2023: Belgian pastry specialist Pidy has introduced a new creative shape to their dessert range, in the form of their new tulip bases

Expertly crafted to give the appearance of delicate, overlapping petals, the new tulip cups have a subtle, natural vanilla aroma, which pairs best with sweet fillings, such as chocolate mousse, ice cream, or fruit and yoghurt. Made using a traditional recipe, the new cups are free from palm oil, additives, and artificial colourants, so operators can be confident in their high-quality, natural ingredients. With an ambient shelf life of nine months plus, the cups offer a convenient solution for caterers looking to buy in bulk without worrying about expiry logistics.

The tulip cups join Pidy’s existing range of ready to fill waffle cups, which are an ideal alternative to standard wafer cones. Businesses can utilise this premium product to achieve a more sophisticated way to serve ice cream this summer.

Fabien Levet, Commercial Manager at Pidy UK is excited about the new tulip cups;

“With our products, we aim to facilitate maximum customer creativity. We’ve received great feedback over the years around our unique and creatively shaped appetiser range, which is why we’ve focused on expanding these innovative designs within our sweet products. The upright design of the new tulip cups enables chefs to pack more of their delicious fillings in, without the fear of overflowing, whilst still achieving an elegant finish.”

Arriving in packs of 60, the tulip cups measure just 5.5 x 6.5cm, so they’re perfect for creating a delicate dessert, ideal for enjoying on the go. The attractive design offers instant elevation to display counter aesthetics.

For more information on the Pidy range, please visit or call 01604 705666.


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