Producing a Standout Pizza

By Steve Morris, Sales Director at Jestic Foodservice Solutions

“A recent PAPA report estimated the value of the pizza market in the UK to be over £5 billion with the out of home and home delivery market representing over £4bn of this total. As such, this style of cuisine is one of the most widely consumed in the industry with premium pricing points and low production costs, pizza and pasta can often command enhanced margins for QSR and Fast Food operators.

When it comes to producing a standout pizza offering, we believe there are two key components to making it successful, the right ingredients, and the right equipment. Using the finest, seasonal, locally sourced ingredients is key to giving customers the best tasting pizza offering, while the correct equipment, and in particular the right oven can deliver the consistency and speed needed by the site. At Jestic, we are proud to supply a full range of ovens, each designed to meet the bespoke demands of QSR and fast food businesses.

As the exclusive distributor for Wood Stone, the leader in commercial grade stone hearth, wood and gas fired pizza ovens for over 25 years, we are delighted to be able to offer operators a wide range of appliances in different sizes, designs, capacities and powers. Wood Stone ovens not only produce wonderful pizzas, with an authentic stone fired taste, but also look great and bring the chef’s own flair to the customer.

For those looking for undisputed consistency and flavour combined with capacity and design, the deck oven range from Sveba Dahlen, provides the solution. Multiple decks allow the operator to cook various dishes simultaneously, while the innovative design and construction ensures an even temperature throughout the chamber, virtually eliminating the need to rotate pizzas during the cooking process. An exciting innovation from Sveba Dahlen is the new P601 High Temp pizza oven which incorporates a genuine Neapolitan pizza stone and can achieve temperatures of up to 500˚C, meaning it can bake pizzas in 60 to 120 seconds.

For the ultimate in speed and capacity fast food restaurants and pizzerias should consider using the impressive, and robust technology found in modern conveyor ovens. Take Edge ovens from Jestic, a manufacturer of top of the range conveyor ovens from the USA, which combine speed, consistency and durability. All the Edge series of conveyor ovens feature a patented ‘iHeat’ burner system, which by precisely controlling both gas and combustion air is able to attain maximum energy efficiency, creating the perfect burn at all times to reduce gas consumption. Edge was recently acknowledged to be a manufacturer of some of the most efficient gas conveyor oven on the market, as verified by independent tests undertaken by the Food Service Technology Centre on behalf of state of California. Used in a number of high street take away and QSR type businesses, Edge ovens achieve extraordinary capacity and speed, whilst producing pizzas and dishes common to an Italian menu to an exacting standard.

Finally, one of the newest brands in our Jestic portfolio is Alfa Pro. With over 40 years of experience and research, Alfa Pro, wood and gas fired ovens feature unique, patented, Forninox™ technology, combining strong stainless steel with tough refractory tiles, to achieve a lightweight yet highly durable commercial oven. Powered by gas, wood or dual fuel, the ovens are equally suited for a traditional kitchen setup, as they are for positioning front of house, in an open kitchen, in full view of diners.

Alfa Pro ovens are available in a wide range of sizes and styles, each offering a compact design to maximise space in a busy kitchen. From smaller, countertop ovens, such as the Qubo, capable of cooking up to 80 pizzas per hour, to the larger, freestanding models such as the Opera, with a capacity of up to 150 pizzas per hour, the range includes a solution for all needs.”

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