Serving your fries “Just Right”is our mission. Hot, Fresh and delicious

The Vizu Fry Dump range is designed to make sure you can deliver hot fresh fries to your hungry customers every time, time after time. They have proven to be amongst our most successful and popular products and are seen in all manner of QSRs

Back in the mists of time, we created the Vizu Fries, a simple but popular fry dump that sold in its hundreds to fast food outlets up and down the country and even across the globe. Well constructed and durable, they can still be glimpsed today. This simple fry dump has evolved into the range we have today, each model designed to suit different locations, budgets and volumes.

Take the Vizu Mini Fries for example, its conveniently small footprint means it’s easy to position even in the tightest of spaces. Heat above from four halogen lamps and an additional heat mat below the bagging area will ensure your fries remain hot. Two rugged switches control the heat mat and lights, allowing the operator to reducing energy consumption during quiet times. An easy to reach storage area for fry bags and salt just below the bagging area means no more looking for a place for the packaging, and a convenient ambient cupboard base is ideal for storing additional items. A counter topper variant omits the cupboard base meaning the unit can be mounted on an under-counter fridge or freezer for convenient storage of frozen fries.

If the Vizu Mini Fries isn’t big enough then the Vizu Mega Fries will fit right in. At 805mm wide and 710mm deep it has 25% more working area than its smaller sibling. Four halogen bulbs above and a heat mat below will keep your fries hot and ready. As with all the fry dumps the Vizu Mega Fries is equally happy on either side of the fryers, and the glass panel can be moved from the left to right using just a screwdriver. Convenient storage for packaging and an ambient cupboard just like the Vizu Mini Fries ensures that this is our top selling fry dump.

If you need something more then the Vizu Mega Fries Topper may be what you are looking for. The Topper replaces the cupboard with a freezer drawer ensuring that frozen product is always on hand. The biggest bagging area of all our fry dumps ensures that the Topper is great for high volume locations.

The Vizu Server Fries is designed to sit on a rear service counter where fries can be cooked at the rear and served from the front. Plenty of storage for packaging on either side of the unit makes this a flexible solution where a rear service island is used.

Vizu products are proudly manufactured in the UK by Fast Food Systems.

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