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The Synthesis 2 From Carpigiani

Carpigiani UK announce the launch of the Synthesis 2, the innovative modular system to produce and display gelato in one. Simply pour the mix into one of the cylinders and it is transformed into delicious gelato, stored at the optimal temperature and ready to serve to customers. Each cylinder can pasteurise and batch freeze, no need to extract and blast freeze, no thermal shock, just delicious gelato ready to serve in a modern, stylish modular unit.

Paul Ingram, Managing Director at Carpigiani UK sees real benefits to operators in the UK marketplace,

“This is one impressive piece of equipment. A stylish and innovative system designed with modern operators in mind. We know the space constraints that exist within busy kitchens and shops and the Synthesis 2 has this amazing ability to create delicious gelato, freeze it and keep it at the perfect temperature, ready to serve to customers. It uses Carpigiani’s Hard-O-Tronic® and Teorema systems and each individual cylinder has its own LCD to show the selected program, targeted, current and final consistency as well as a modifiable storage temperature, and even the speed of the agitator can be adjusted, delivering a perfect batch of gelato. When ready, the gelato is maintained at the selected temperature, ready to be served and the transparent cylinder lids ensure that customers can see the product and choose their favourite. It really is a great

system for a gelato shop and the modular units each feature two cylinders that can be built up to whatever number is required for the outlet.”

The Synthesis 2 features high efficiency electric motors and high-performance capacitors to ensure optimum energy usage and a digitally operated cleaning program to ensure maximum hygiene.

Paul concludes,

“The Synthesis 2 is really great for a range of businesses. Smaller operators can squeeze in one unit with the two cylinders and larger outlets can assemble the system in multiples of two which really increases flexibility, it’s also great for a restaurant or café that might be considering adding takeaway gelato to their menu. A really simple and well-designed unit that is going to be very popular.”

For more information on the Carpigiani Synthesis 2 or for details of the Carpigiani Gelato University training courses, please visit or call 01432 346018

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