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Skrei, Norwegian wintercod

Skrei, one of the world’s most sought-after seasonal seafood delicacies is back in season, set to grace specials boards in fish and chip shops across the country

A beautiful bounty from whitefish nation, Norway. This distinguished pearly white fish is only available for the first few months of the year, at a time when this wild migratory fish reaches the shores of Northern Norway after a monumental 1,000km journey south from the depths of the icy Barents Sea.

Literally translated, the Viking name ‘Skrei’ means ‘traveller’, and by the time it arrives in Norway, Skrei is muscular with a wonderful succulent texture, and a distinctive flavour which comes from the lean flesh created by the lengthy swim across the Atlantic.

Delicious served simply just pan fried or lightly steamed, Skrei also lends itself extremely well to being coated. This chunky yet delicate, pearly white fish is awaiting just one thing - chips. And they really do have to be the very best chips to live up to their counterpart, whose flavour and taste will shine supreme.

A nutritious protein that packs a punch in the health stakes

Skrei is incredibly versatile and prized for its nutrient-rich credentials. Just one portion satisfies the recommended daily amount of omega-3, as well as vitamins A and B12, which are linked to a strong immune system, good brain and reproductive health. Skrei also contains selenium and iodine, and is a low-calorie, high protein choice.

With the Northeast Arctic cod stock being one of the largest in the world, Skrei is also a highly sustainable seafood option, which is of utmost importance to Norway as a responsible seafood nation. Taking a holistic, ecosystem-based approach to aquaculture management, whilst creating and abiding to strict fishing regulations, Norwegian fisheries are protecting the future of seafood for the next generation.

Victoria Braathen, UK Director for the Norwegian Seafood Council (NSC) comments: “Cod has always been one of the UK’s top species, particularly for the nation’s favourite dish of fish and chips. Over the years it’s been fantastic to see quality-labelled Skrei making an appearance on more and more specials boards in fish and chip outlets across the country.

“These days people are much more interested in the provenance of their food – and it’s our job, along with fish and chip shop owners and others in the industry to tell customers where their fish suppers have come from and how. Even in the current climate, it is important to remember the importance of sourcing sustainably; and by choosing Skrei you can be confident you are choosing a top quality, sustainable seafood.”

To find out more about Norwegian whitefish, including Skrei and its sustainability credentials, visit

Skrei Facts

Skrei is a seasonal wild cod from Norway

Skrei is a premium fish, and is some of the best cod available

Skrei means traveller, referring to the 1,000km journey the cod makes each year from the Barents Sea to the coast off Northern Norway

Fresh Skrei is only available between January and April

Skrei is caught as it migrates from the Barents Sea to its spawning grounds along the Northern Norwegian coast

Skrei hails from the world’s largest cod stock and is one of the most sustainable fish species you can eat

Skrei is one of the leanest types of fish because it stores fat in the liver and not in the muscles

Skrei are typically larger than coastal cod and have a firm consistency with very white, flaky meat. It has a clean, delicate flavour, and is considered a culinary delicacy in many parts of the world


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