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Sweet & Savoury Pies & Pastries

“The Federation of Bakers estimates the UK bakery market to be worth over £3.9 billion, and one of the fastest growing food sectors in the UK. Innovation driving the sector means there is an abundance of choice of baked products, with solution-driven specialists like Pidy leading the way.

All Pidy pastry products have an ambient shelf life of nine months plus, meaning they’re an ideal option for operators looking to reduce costs and buy in bulk. Chefs won’t have to worry about expiry dates and food waste, with Pidy pastry bases being quick and convenient to fill as required. Operators instead have time to experiment with delicious fillings, and can make use of seasonal produce – further helping reduce costs. The range features a plethora of product-specific solutions, but Pidy’s classic neutral, sweet, and chocolate tartlet bases remain among the most popular.

Cost savvy operators will also appreciate the versatility of Pidy’s products. For example, Pidy’s quiche bases make wonderful pie bases. Simply pour in your filling of choice, and top with puff or shortcrust pastry. This tactic is particularly useful for venues suffering from staff shortages as it is quick, easy, and cost effective. For a more traditional quiche offering, operators could take inspiration from Pidy’s Quiche Margherita. Spread some mozzarella on the bottom of a Pidy quiche base, then pour over beaten eggs and cream. Sprinkle cherry tomatoes coated in olive oil, oregano, and salt, then top with more mozzarella. Bake for 20 minutes at 170C then a further 15 minutes at 150C, and garnish with fresh basil leaves and voila! Not only is this a healthy alternative to pizza, it’s also ideal to offer as a takeaway option, making it perfect for short-staffed venues who want to increase revenue without putting strain on staff.

Comparatively, freshly made baked goods are extremely time-consuming to prepare, which is particularly true of complex vegan or gluten-free recipes. Making pastry bases in house also carries the risk of inconsistent quality or an uneven aesthetic – a risk which can be eliminated with Pidy products, which includes vegan and gluten-free options to maximise customer appeal. The bases look amazing, while also benefiting from the crisp, golden, buttery finish that Pidy has become famous for, giving them a homemade taste.

For more information on the Pidy pastry range please visit, call 01604 705 666. To keep up to date with the latest news from Pidy UK see @PidyUK on twitter or search for ‘Pidy UK’ on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin or YouTube.

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