That’s Refreshing!

By Steve Hemsil, Sales Director – UK & Ireland, Welbilt

For fast food operators looking to stay on top of trends, stocking the latest bottles, cans or cartons of drinks can be time consuming (re-stocking), space consuming (how many can you fit in your fridge) and sometimes expensive as well, yet, it’s important for an operator to offer customers a refreshing cold beverage.

Offering a freshly mixed, chilled, still or carbonated soft drink from the new Multiplex albi range gives operators an on-demand drinks dispensing system that offers significantly higher margins than bottled drinks as well as being compact, quick and easy to install, user friendly and beneficial to the environment. Many operators may have dismissed drinks dispensers due to their size or complexity of installation but this is where the Multiplex albi range comes into its own. Perfect to sit on a counter top, and using standard Bag in Boxes (BiBs), connectors and fittings, it’s speedy installation requires no back-room equipment or python. Just mains power and water (plus CO2 for the carbonated drinks). The compact machine can deliver post mix drinks and covers all the traditional beverages as well as special bespoke flavours via a specialist such as Simpsons Beverages. a stand alone trolley is available

From an environmental point of view, the Multiplex albi really challenges the idea of bottles or cans of drinks in a fridge as 4x10lt BiBs can make the equivalent of around 720 (330ml) serves and the dispensers also help to lower energy bills with up to 30% energy reduction Vs packaged goods chillers (based on a single door chiller).

The Multiplex albi range is perfect for smaller outlets, and from it’s compact footprint, it can offer up to 4 still or sparkling beverages as well as chilled still or carbonated water. A standalone cart is also available (requires water and power supply), a great opportunity to deliver something a little different to customers.

Welbilt UK Tel: 01483 464900

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