The Dukes of Chippingdom – delivering joy to doorsteps across the land!

The pandemic brought about many changes – one of them is the meteoric rise in delivered and takeaway food sales. According to the Lumina Intelligence Foodservice Delivery Market Report 2021, ‘during coronavirus lockdown periods, foodservice delivery’s share of

total eating out occasions peaked at 32%’.

Another notable shift is in the importance to consumers of locally sourced food; ‘buying British food is predicted to become more of a priority for shoppers’. [2021 Food & Drink Report, Waitrose]

“Provenance has become even more important since the covid crisis – people want to know where their food is coming from and supporting British growers has never been so strong. We’re expecting this will continue,” says Peter Evans, Lamb Weston’s UK Marketing Manager.

So what better way to bring feelgood British-sourced joy to customers’ doorsteps than with great British chips? Bring on The Dukes of Chippingdom!

This exciting multiple award-winning product from innovative global leader Lamb Weston is THE proper chip, adding instantly recognisable quality to any fast food outlet’s delivered food menu.

Super tasty, irregularly thick-cut to appear homemade, feathered golden edges, richly rewarding taste, beautifully crispy on the outside (even though they’re non-coated) and fluffy on the inside.

The Dukes of Chippingdom are made with 100% British potatoes, great tasting and proudly sourced and produced right here in the UK – so operators can big up their Britishness on menus. Natively-grown food is in huge demand by climate-conscious consumers who are happy to pay more for locally sourced products.

For some inspirational dishes of difference that travel well, try adding some of Lamb Weston’s exciting recipes made with The Dukes of Chippingdom, such as Twerky Jerky Dukes & Cheese, Chips n’ Hummus, or Pie & Fry; traditional cottage pie topped with Dukes and smoked Cheddar cheese – they’re all great delivery-stable dishes to go!

The Dukes of Chippingdom are available in skin-off and skin-on varieties, their superior quality is endorsed by the Craft Guild of Chefs, with an above average rating. They are Red Tractor certified and gluten-free too!

For innovative ideas, recipes and potato inspiration, head over to , call 0800 963962 or email us at

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