The High Performance & Practicality of a professional griddle

For a fast food restaurant, a professional griddle is a key piece of equipment as it offers the versatility to quickly cook a wide variety of foods – from bacon and eggs for a breakfast service to chicken and burgers for peak trading periods. As so many menu items can be cooked on a griddle, performance and energy efficiency cannot be compromised and Keating’s Miraclean® Chrome Griddle excels in both these areas.

The key to the great griddle performance is in the Miraclean® surface. The Keating Miraclean® Griddle begins with a 3/4” thick, precision formed, highly polished steel plate. A trivalent chrome surface is applied through an 8-step process. The thermal conductivity of the Miraclean plate assures controlled, even heat distribution to the cooking area. The surface locks in heat, releasing it only on contact, which reduces radiant waste heat by 90% to keep kitchens cooler and can save up to 30% on energy costs. The thermal conductivity of the Miraclean® plate assures controlled, uniform heat distribution throughout the cooking area allowing you to cook at lower temperatures, whilst reducing shrinkage of the product. Performance is supported by practicality as cleaning the surface only requires cold water, so a Miraclean® griddle can be cleaned in 44% less time than a standard steel griddle.

Another important piece of equipment is a Salamander, which can be used to finish dishes before serving. The Moduline ultra rapid FlexyGrill is a game changing Salamander as it reaches its working temperature in just four seconds thanks to high performance heating elements. Constructed from stainless steel, the Flexygrill has an adjustable upper plate to get the heating surface closer to the food and a steel grill and drip tray to collect cooking juices. Electronic controls with a digital display including a warm function also make the FlexyGrill incredibly easy to use. 01892 831 960

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