The new Hoshizaki Snowflake GII+ is full of positive benefits

Hoshizaki, the world’s leading refrigeration and ice machine manufacturer, has upgraded its best-selling Snowflake range with the launch of the Snowflake GII+.

As with all preceding Snowflake refrigeration products, the new and improved Snowflake GII+ champions reliability, durability and affordability, yet with an even sharper focus on efficiency and space utilisation. This is thanks to the introduction of a brand-new monoblock refrigeration system as explained by Simon Frost, Director UK & Ireland, Hoshizaki UK:

“The Snowflake GII+’s new monoblock cooling system is a self-contained and insulated removable refrigeration configuration with plenty of pluses. Firstly, as this system sits on top of the unit as opposed to inside the unit, access for servicing and maintenance is easy.

Additionally, as Hoshizaki’s monoblock cooling systems is self-evaporating and fitted with a self-cleaning condenser, our new Snowflake GII+ units do not require space for an evaporator, therefore the user can take full advantage of all internal storage space.”

The new monoblock system now means operators do not have to face the challenge of cleaning the evaporator. In fact, so simple is the Snowflake GII+ to clean that the user simply needs to spare a matter of minutes to wipe down all removable shelves, gaskets and unit surfaces.

As far as sustainability and energy efficiency goes, Hoshizaki’s monoblock cooling system again scores a massive plus given that this system and other factors such as insulated materials and natural refrigerants, has allowed all GII+ units to achieve a top Climate Class 5 and improved energy rating of C.*

From a design perspective, the cabinets available within the GII+ range have also seen a practical change having been lowered to meet the specifications of most UK kitchens which have lower ceilings, therefore making installation easier and more practical.

Frost concludes:

“These various product changes, alongside the key USP’s carried through from the original Snowflake range, are what make Hoshizaki’s GII+ a range for all kitchens, scoring pluses upon pluses both from a practical and sustainability perspective.”

The Snowflake GII+ will be replacing the previous GII range effective from August 2021.

For more information on the new Snowflake GII+, please visit

*Snowflake GII+ refrigerators rank climate class C. Freezers rank climate class D.

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