The possibilities are endless with the latest Fri-Jado Auto-clean rotisserie range

There are few appliances that catch the eye of a consumer, grasp the interest of a customer and ultimately drive impulse sales in the way that a fully loaded rotisserie does. Now, thanks to the new easy to use, Auto-clean rotisserie range from Fri-Jado, you can add a touch of theatre to your cooking process.

Whether it’s rack after rack of golden chicken, deliciously tender pork loin, whole joints of beef or roasted root vegetables, a full rotisserie is a work of art. Traditionally, the downside is the time-consuming and labour-intensive process, but thanks to the latest innovation from leading display equipment manufacturer Fri-Jado, this issue is no more.

Driving convenience for busy operators, the units in the Auto-clean rotisserie range include a cleaning cycle that can be scheduled overnight or during quiet trading hours, saving valuable time. What’s more, safety and efficiency are enhanced. Using a new and improved ProteClean cleaning cartridge, the technology deep cleans both the rotor and the oven cavity, ensuring the unit is spotless and ready-to-use. A remarkably low water consumption of less than 25 litres per cycle and a hygienic fat collection system, separating and collecting the fat to prevent blocked drains, supports efficiency and a lower total cost of ownership over the life of the appliance.

In the latest update the range offers a new, simple to use smart-touch controller. The intelligent yet intuitive touch-screen panel allows for up to 250 menus, ideal for ensuring consistency across a group or chain estate. Smart technology also automatically senses and interprets differences in a cook cycle, such as half loads, over loads or even product temperature variations to deliver a consistent quality and enhanced food safety. Full USB connectivity achieves quick data transfer for new recipes and an optional Wi-Fi connectivity allows a business to monitor usage and control recipe management remotely via a dashboard.

“For those sites with a front of house food offering, whether that be an open kitchen or a hot food-to-go retail setup, a beautifully designed rotisserie full of gently rotating food is something to behold. Full of intrigue and interest, rotisseries add a unique and exciting theatre to the cooking process and have been shown to really push impulse sales.

The biggest objection has always been the complexity and cleaning demand, however thanks to our new Fri-Jado Auto-clean range, operators can make the most of the benefits, while also saving time and energy too.”

Gary Thacker, Sales Director at Fri-Jado UK

In addition to a simple to use, intelligent controller and energy efficient cleaning system, the new Auto-clean Rotisserie range also features unique new formats including a double-stacked model, capable of cooking up to 80 chickens (40+40) per cycle. Independently controlled, the TDR 8 s + 8 s auto-clean unit allows the operator to cook different products simultaneously, further saving time and money in a busy site. The option of a ventless hood makes the units in the Fri-Jado Auto-clean rotisserie range ideal for sites without dedicated extraction and ventilation.

For more information on the Auto-clean Rotisserie range, or to find out about the full range of products and services offered by Fri-Jado, please visit or call +44 (0)189 527 2227.

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