The Product Combatting Food Waste Across The UK - Veggi Wash Fruit Too

Across the world, we throw away 644 million tonnes of fruit and vegetables each year and waste 46% of all fruit and vegetables produced (BCG, 2018). This shocking figure is often down to consumers purchasing fruit and vegetables, only to find they have wilted away or gone mouldy at the back of our fridge. My client, Veggi Wash Fruit Too is the revolutionary natural wash designed to remove pesticides from your fruit & veg AND double their shelf life – saving some of this food from hitting landfill.

Veggi Wash Fruit Too is a wide range of liquid washes, sprays and wipes that are FIVE time more effective than washing produce with water alone. With 100% safe and natural ingredients derived from coconut oil, grape and corn extracts to breakdown agricultural contaminants, these are safe to be used daily on the fruit and vegetables coming into your house.

I hope this will be of interest to feature? Please do let me know if you need further info, imagery or samples.

Pesticides and waxes used on fruit and vegetables are designed to be waterproof so washing them solely with water will not remove them. Developed in conjunction with leading food hygiene experts, independently safety tested, all products are ecologically and environmentally safe. Each product in the range contains three active cleansers that:

• Reduces surface tension of the fruit or vegetable’s skin, allowing contaminants to be rinsed away

• Captures and holds contaminants in solution to prevent re-contamination during washing

• Breaks down contaminants and aids final rinsing

Veggi Wash Fruit Too is also based on a combination of natural surfactants that are capable of rapidly destroying the lipid coating of Covid-19. Veggi Wash is simple, safe and economical to use. Leaving produce that tastes better and lasts longer too. No taste – No smell – Just safe.

The Veggi Wash Fruit Too range is available from – with prices starting from £3.99.

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