The right royal way to serve up jolly profitable chips!

In challenging times with commodity pricing featuring high, operators need to get creative and diversify the ways in which they operate.

Thinking outside the box can add margin with added-value items for menus, and reassuring customers of quality and consistency will keep them coming back.

Increasingly, consumers’ health and wellbeing is important to them, and so is the health of the planet, so provenance is important and buying food with low air miles is high on their agenda – 46% of diners want locally sourced food^.

More and more are embracing the trend for plant-based eating, conscious of their carbon footprint and their own health, from vegans and veggies to flexitarians. In May 2021, a survey by The Vegan Society revealed 1 in 4 Brits had actively reduced their consumption of animal products since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic and between January 2020 and 2021; Deliveroo revealed its vegan takeaway orders had shot up by 163%. [Plant Based News January 2021]

What could better tick all of these boxes than the humble potato; excellent value, versatile, tasty, filling, cheap and a natural, nutritional goodie bag in a skin?

There’s no better, simpler, more profitable (and speedy!) way for operators to serve up tasty plant-based dishes to go than with the UK’s favourite side dish – chips!

And by partnering with innovative global leader Lamb Weston, who are leading the way with their ethics and green credentials, their passion and experience mean they deliver consistent quality, turning potatoes into versatile and hard-working products for you!

That includes exciting multiple award winning ‘proper chip’ The Dukes of Chippingdom. When it comes to innovation, Lamb Weston ‘smashes’ it!

The Dukes of Chippingdom are made with 100% British potatoes, great tasting and proudly sourced and produced right here in the UK, so operators can big up their Britishness on menus. And remember, those actively seeking out locally-sourced produce will pay more for it too! Calling out British chips on the menu, or perhaps ‘crafted in Cambridgeshire’ dials up the natively-sourced angle.

The Dukes of Chippingdom are THE proper chip. Super tasty, irregularly thick-cut to appear homemade, feathered golden edges, richly rewarding taste, beautifully crispy on the outside (even though they’re non-coated) and fluffy on the inside.

These golden beauties are available in Skin-Off and Skin-On – and rustic Skin-On offers another great big bonus right now – Lamb Weston’s research has shown that 60% of customers prefer Skin-On chips for the more potatoey taste, satisfying texture and the handmade feel, and will pay more for them!

Skin-On also boasts a lower carbon footprint, making them around 8% more sustainable compared to Skin-Off chips, so operators should feature this on menus too. It would be well-received for consumers to know that their local fast food outlet has made the switch from skin-off to skin-on because it’s a more planet-friendly choice (1 in 4 consumers choose restaurants or pubs that have strong sustainability credentials). [Lumina Intelligence Channel Pulse, October 2021]

As if that wasn’t enough to thrill your customers, The Dukes of Chippingdom are also Vegan-certified, which is another way to up your margins; a recent Lumina Menu Tracker study (March 2022) found the sales price of Vegan chips was 17% higher vs regular chips – that’s an instant margin uplift from using The Dukes of Chippingdom.

And for those affected by the oil shortage, one more bonus point in favour of using The Dukes is that Lamb Weston chips are produced using rapeseed oil, which is healthier and more sustainable than other oil substitutes, AND they cook perfectly well in the oven too!

As The Dukes of Chippingdom are produced in the UK, supply is more reliable and less volatile to price rises than other chip brands that may be imported from, or being producing in, Europe. Being British grown, made and distributed feels a lot more dependable and stable right now, especially with the havoc politics and borders can play in the lives of produce.

^Lumina Intelligence Study, March 2022

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